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WATCH: 21 Savage takes “Bank Account” to The Ellen Show

Daytime Savage

21 Savage brought the savagery to daytime TV.

21 Savage is not who you would expect to be delighting millions of people across North America in the middle of the afternoon. But such was the case when he performed this week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The rapper performed his hit single “Bank Account” for the audience, but naturally had to change a good deal of the lyrics to make it more daytime friendly. According to Stereogum, the rapper had to obscure lyrics to make the blatant death threats less aggressive and obvious. The cursing was also changed to accommodate the TV regulations.

In essence, Savage performs a watered down variation of “Bank Account.”

Instead of “Pull up on your bitch, she say that I got a ruler dick/Spray your block down, we not really with that ruh-rah shit/Glock cocked now, I don’t really give no fuck ’bout who I hit,” he leaves out more than half of the words and lets the hype man instead just make sounds.

While Ellen is known for seeking out new, fresh talent, it might not have been the best decision to ask 21 Savage to perform on a show where he would have to so heavily edit the song and reduce it down to nothing beyond the somewhat original verses and chorus.

Though the appearance was not a total bust. He was able to get the word out about his “21 Savage Bank Account Campaign” that gives children the necessary tools to understand how to properly save and spend money as well as how to open a bank account. Ellen then presented the rapper with a $21,000 check in donation to the campaign.

21 Savage can be seen this spring on a North American tour with Post Malone and SOB X RBE. Details for that tour can be found here.

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