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Watch: Lil Jon is animation sensation in ‘Alive’ video with 2 Chainz & Offset

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Lil Jon comes ‘Alive’ in brand new animated music video

Rapper Lil Jon has always been unusual and quite frankly, rather out there in terms of his performances. No one ever seems to know what to expect out of him next, and for good reason.

The new video for his single “Alive” which also features verses from his friends 2 Chainz and Offset is certainly no exception to Lil Jon’s reputation for boldness to the point of almost being a caricature of one’s self.

The “Alive” video almost immediately brings to mind what it might have looked like had famed surrealist painter Salvador Dali ever done the artwork or animation for a hip-hop track.

Filled with CG animated nude women, money, palace-like mansions, floating excursions through the clouds, money, champagne bottles that launch rappers out of them when they are uncorked, booty trampolines, luxury cars circling around people’s heads, and cartoonish takes on all three artists, “Alive” really is a spectacle to behold.

This video is hip-hop decadence at its most peculiar to say the least. This being a Lil Jon music video however, that is not out of the ordinary and unexpected by anyone in the slightest.

In a recent interview, Lil Jon talks about the track itself, which was originally dropped to the public two months ago, saying that he was going for something with an abundance of excitement and energy, saying:

“I went in the lab wanting to do something current but with energy.Most hip-hop songs today don’t have a lot of energy.”

With an exuberant aesthetic style which is really all its own, there most certainly is great deal of energy in the “Alive” video to match the intensity that the music brings.

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Watch: Lil Jon feat. 2 Chainz and Offset Alive

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