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Recap: Jessica Jones returns with a new case, her own

Antisocial Vengeance

Jessica Jones  struggles with new found celebrity.

There are also the troubles that come with it while trying to taking on a new case, her own.

Season 2 follows Jones as she takes on a new case after the events surrounding her encounter with Kilgrave. The season was produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios and Tall Girls Productions, with Melissa Rosenberg serving as showrunner.

Krysten Ritter stars as Jones, with Rachael TaylorCarrie-Anne Moss, and Eka Darville also returning from the first season, as well as Wil Traval and David Tennant in guest roles. They are joined by J.R. RamirezTerry ChenLeah Gibson, and Janet McTeer

Episode One, Season Two: “AKA Start At The Beginning”

Jessica Jones Season 2 begins with Jessica having to try to maintain her day to day private investigator job despite everyone knowing she’s a super-powered vigilante. When a jilted client wants Jessica to murder for her, Jessica furiously denies her request to which the client judgingly says “..its okay if you kill someone who hurt you, but if its anyone else you don’t care.”

It doesn’t help that Jessica’s best friend and only real family, Trish Walker, Local Radio Personality, keeps harping about Jessica and the super-powered community of New York to the airwaves. Despite never calling Jessica out by name it doesn’t take much detective work to find out who Trish keeps referring to as “her friend.”

Jessica killing Kilgrave was a blessing to her and a curse. Bloodthirsty clients want her to use her powers to hand out some hard justice. Its hard to argue with someone for calling you a killer when you have killed. A shining light of notoriety has been shined on Jessica, and it’s one she can’t punch and make it go away. Elsewhere Trish is doing what she can to be a hero as well.

Trish performs as her child star alter ego, Patsy, at a kids party to acquire some confidential medical records on Jessica. Highly illegal, but Trish wants to help Jessica figure out the most significant mystery in her life, her past with IGH. IGH is a secret research laboratory and genetic technology clinic involved in covert and illegal human experimentation and bringing Jessica back to life with uncanny powers.

Trish really pushes Jessica to look at the files and figure out what is being hidden. An odd number of days, 20, is missing from her records and has IGH stink all over it. Jessica refuses, not wanting to deal with more trauma while still trying to give over the traumatic Kilgrave incident. Trish tells Jessica that Dr. Kozlov of IGH has the answers to all her questions. Annoyed, Jessica leaves.

The following day at Alias Investigations, Jessica and her trusted friend, Malcolm, now something of a secretary, interview potential clients. One of which is a stout man claiming to be super-powered and calls himself “The Whizzer.” The large and sweating profusely gentleman’s name is Robert Coleman. Coleman pleads with Jessica for protection from someone he claims is trying to kill him.

 Jessica and Malcolm are then confronted with a shady businessman named Pryce Cheng who is apart of a Risk Management Firm and wants to absorb Alias Investigations into his firm. With supers running around, Jessica can bring a unique kind of perspective to their clients. Jessica sees this more as Cheng trying to take out the competition and turns the offer down.

Meanwhile, a new Spanish family is moving into the building. When Jessica moves a fridge for them to get by, a child in the family is amazed and excited to be living in the same building with a superhero. The child’s father, however, looks on with reservations. When Jessica goes to investigate Cheng from afar, she fails to discover any dirt or foul practice on his part. Cheng sees her and raises his coffee cup towards her. Jessica responds with a smirk and a middle finger.

Upon returning to Alias Investigations, Jessica is confronted by Trish who has a box for her. When Jessica sees what it is she is startled and says she has sunk to a new low. When Malcolm asks her what it is, its revealed to the boxed up ashes of Jessica’s deceased mother, father, and younger brother. Trish continues to persuade Jessica into investigating IGH.

Trish insists that IGH could still be illegally experimenting on unsuspecting people and that it’s her duty to try and stop this. Jessica retorts that Trish’s only real concern isn’t about helping people or help her find out about her past, all Trish is concerned about is her plummeting ratings on her radio show. Trish leaves and tells Jessica to keep the box. When Trish gets into her car, she appears to be stalked by someone. That person is revealed to be Will Simpson, Trish’s ex who is also one of Dr. Kozlov’s patients who was driven mad.

Later, Malcolm and Jessica discover Cheng has been swiping up some of their clients, Jessica decides to steal one of his and exposes him for drawing out the client’s missing dog case so he would keep paying Cheng. This results in a confrontation between Cheng and Jessica that turns violent fast. Jessica throws Cheng through his office door out onto the office floor in front of his co-workers. She proceeds to punch him and breaks his arm. He tells her that for her to be “super-human” she’s the weakest person he knows. Security soon arrives and apprehends Jessica.

Jessica is bailed out by Trish but is forced to do community service and anger management. Jessica finally breaks down in front of Trish and wonders if she really is nothing more than a ticking time bomb killer. Trish awkwardly introduces Jessica to her new boyfriend, Griffin, a very well off news reporter who has a knack for dark humor.

A bruised and busted up Cheng meets with Jeri Hogarth and says he wants to hire her to sue Jessica Jones. Despite a momentary hesitation, Hogarth does not deny him. Meanwhile, the Whizzer once again begs Jessica for help, and bum rushes his way into Alias Investigations where Jessica sees first hand just how fast the Whizzer is. Whizzer holds Jessica up with a handgun demanding protection.

 Whizzer begins to deliriously rant about him being on meds and not being what they want him to be. He continues by saying they made a monster, and now it’s trying to kill him. Jessica quickly disarms him. He frantically zips around the room and then unknowingly grabs one of the containers housing Jessica family’s ashes and lobs it at her. Jessica deflects it but sends the box flying up into the ceiling where is bursts raining the ashes down all over her. Whizzer runs out of the office on to the outside sidewalk where Jessica cuts him off.

 Whizzer zips down an alleyway in the midst of heavy construction. Just as Jessica catches up the scaffolding surrounding the alley collapses on Whizzer and kills him instantly. Jessica finds Whizzer with a steel rod protruding out of his chest. Shocked onlookers look on, one of which is Oscar, shielding the eyes of his son who was so enamored with Jessica’s powers back at the building complex when they were moving in.

Elsewhere less hectic, Hogarth meets with a physician who tells her some concerning news behind closed doors. The always stone cold Hogarth harsh exterior breaks showing the most human reaction we have seen from her yet. Later, Malcolm walks into Alias Investigations to see a despondent Jessica sitting alone crying in the dark. The ashes of her brother still scattered all throughout the office.

Malcolm makes a kind gesture by scooping up the ashes and putting them into a ziplock bag for Jessica. When Jessica pulls herself together, she scours through Whizzer’s bag looking for clues. She comes across a pill bottle with no doctor’s name on it or prescription. Malcolm tracks down the address which appears to be a front named Industrial Garments & Handling Facility (IGH).

Upon entering the darkened office setting, she looks around, and the office appears to have been abandoned. She comes to a room where the door seems to have been ripped aggressively off as if it were housing a rabid animal. When she walks down another corridor, she has a surge of memories rush into her head of when she was experimented on as a child. This is the place, and she was standing in the middle of the operating room that would change her life forever. Jessica has an epiphany and comes to the conclusion this place made people like herself, the Whizzer, and whatever this monster was that was chasing him what they are. She needs to find out why.

Episode Two, Season Two: ” AKA Freak Accident”

It’s pouring down raining and the only thing hitting the streets of New York harder than the precipitation is Jessica slamming shot glass after shot onto the shabby counter at Josie’s bar. After some meaningless bathroom sex with some lowlife at the bar, Jessica leaves drunk and annoyed. She’s tired of people either wanting to exploit her for her powers or scared of her because of her powers.

Later Malcolm calls Jessica and informs her he’s tracked down the lease of the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility to one Miklos Kozlov. Jessica goes to investigate the Kozlov household. When she finds out she’s walked into a wake she is shocked to discover Kozlov is dead. An elderly greeter informs Jessica he has recently died in an automobile accident.

Elsewhere Trish meets with her mother Dorothy to ask a favor. Trish says she needs to the phone number of seedy movie director Maxamillion. Dorothy easily deduces this must have something to do with Jessica, Trish has a shady past with Max and would only turn to him if she absolutely needed to. Trish pleads with Dorothy that she needs him for a lead she is trying to follow up on.

Dorothy deflects by saying Trish better hope and pray her higher profile news reporter boyfriend, Griffin, better put a ring on her. Dorothy continues this whole super person thing Trish continues to report on is a fad, but eventually all fads fade away. Trish leaves and Simpson continues to follow her. He uses an inhaler to consume some kind of substance.

Dorothy gives in and writes down the number for Max and passes it slyly to Trish. Dorothy warns her all this investigating will eventually get her eaten alive. Hogarth sits in her car lost in her thoughts. She ignores numerous calls from Cheng and picks up a lowly hooker instead. Back at Kozlov’s wake, Jessica snoops around his office and see a picture of Kozlov with a group of soldiers one of which is Will Simpson. A man in a wheelchair finds her looking around and demands what she is doing there and who she works for. Jessica slams him to the ground showing her super-human strength. Jessica reveals she is one of his experiments and that another one of his is on the loose killing people.

The wheelchair-bound man says its Will Simpson. He explains the doctor tried to rehab Simpson, but he stole some drugs and ran away. He assumes Simpson killed Kozlov. Back at Alias Investigations, Jessica is met by two detectives asking her about the murder of Robert Coleman, The Whizzer. When she tries to get her new Spanish neighbor, Oscar, the man with the son, to corroborate her being at the crime scene, he denies seeing her. Jessica is annoyed by her neighbor and tells the detectives unless they have a warrant for her she has work to do.

Trish calls Malcolm and enlists him to help her. Malcolm drives Trish to the movie set which Max is working and tells him not to tell Jessica. She tells Malcolm whatever he hears today happened a long time ago and she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Jessica meanwhile looks through Whizzer’s laptop and finds a video he made about needing to expose the truth. Whizzer proclaims with all great powers come significant mental illnesses. Jessica sees Whizzer has been leaving Trish messages in the Trish Talk message boards regarding supers.

Jessica confronts Oscar about lying to the detectives. Oscar tells Jessica he doesn’t need super people problems being brought around his son. Oscar claims he is trying to win back his son in a custody battle with his ex. On the film set, Trish meets with Max and thinks she is there to take up acting again.

Trish says she needs some clout from Metro General to investigate a woman who had lost 20 days of her life. Max scoffs at the idea saying he can’t allow her to do a hatchet job on a place he donates to for sick children just to get a rating boost.

Trish says she isn’t asking. She brings up the time Max came on to her when she was a minor trying to get her first role. Sex with a minor would look really bad in the paper for a big-time director. Max responds by saying she came on to him by crawling in his bed. Trish says he has 48 hours or else.

Max, annoyed by her trying to blackmail him, throws her off the set. Malcolm secretly recorded the entire conversation via his phone and is shocked to learn the revelation of Trish and Max. Malcolm follows Max to his car and breaks his nose on behalf of Trish.

When Jessica goes to talk to Trish at her apartment, she finds a distressed Griffin instead. He tells Jessica he is worried about her and has been going through her IGH files trying to understand what she is getting herself wrapped up in. Jessica tells him not to worry until he tells Jessica she went to meet with a director named Max who Jessica clearly remembers from their childhood for being a sick perverted old man. When Jessica arrives on the set, she sees Trish’s purse laying out on the ground surrounded by a trail of blood. The trail leads Jessica to a movie set where Trish has Simpson tied up after she had shot him in his leg for following her.

Simpson says they don’t understand he’s there to protect Trish. Someone from IGH is trying to kill her for looking into their background. Simpson tells them it takes a monster to stop a monster. The lights on the movie set suddenly shut off. Simpson tells Jessica to get Trish out. Jessica un-ties Simpson and Trish hand him her gun. Trish and Jessica don’t get too far before the monster kills Simpson, twisting his head around his body. A darkened figure leapfrogs over Jessica and Trish in an inhuman fashion.

Jessica realizes that to Simpson was right, to stop a monster you need a monster. Problem is Simpson wasn’t the right monster.

Episode 1 & 2 do a lot to set up a new antagonist for Jessica Jones both career-wise (with Cheng) and superhero-wise with whoever the shadowy mystery person is. However, it’s Malcolm who gets the most shine in the two episodes as a person who truly just wants to help any way he can. Malcolm proves himself as a sturdy emotional rock for Jessica’s tremulous sea of emotion. Not a bad start to the second season of Netflix’s Jessica Jones.

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