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LISTEN: Ye Ali teams up with 24Hrs for ‘Reputation’

Dream girl

Ye Ali is feeling the ladies.

Smooth singer Ye Ali has teamed up with 24Hrs to deliver one of late winter’s most heated tracks.

“Reputation” has both singers crooning over a sensuous beat about the ladies they have their eyes on and want to get down with. Ye Ali opens the track by dedicating the song to the ladies who dance around in their underwear to his songs.

First off, wanna see you hip rolling the slow whine, yeah
Two girls on the bed and they both twins and you know they both mine, yeah
Don’t be stingy, I got plenty

The chorus sets up the intention of the song perfectly.

Girl, I know that you heard about that
I’m a freak on the low, if you ’bout that

Then 24Hrs comes in and really lays it all out for the girl he’s got his eye on.

You remind me of my Jeep, how I wanna ride it
Something like my sound, how I wanna pump it
Girl, your legs look like my cars, how I wanna wax it
She wanna play the nice synth, I make her do backflips

The track is smooth and the swaying beat allows the lyrics to really shine. The intention of the song is to first hook the ladies with the beat and then seal the deal with the lyrics. It’s a wonderful strategy that lends itself to the “baby making music.”

XXL Mag points out that the track comes seven months after Ye Ali dropped his EP Passion & Patience. The singer likely took a break after his hectic 2016 where he released three projects and then his 2017 EP.

He seems to be taking his time putting out his next project to give fans the chance to anticipate it as well as working hard to make it the best that it can be.

If this and his previous single “Wedding Bands” are any indication, fans can expect a great new project for Ye Ali when the time comes.

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Listen: Ye Ali Reputation

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