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WATCH: Rick and Morty collaborate with Run the Jewels

Rick the Jewels

Everyone’s favorite late-night Adult Swim cartoon duo Rick and Morty are making an impact in music yet again in the latest music video from hip-hop duo Run the Jewels, “Oh Mama.” El-P and Killer Mike set the RTJ3 track to yet another of the misadventures featuring genius scientist with “the hardest working liver in the galaxy” and his plucky yet overly ambitious boy side-kick.

This isn’t the first time that RTJ has influenced Rick and Morty animators, having previously been the focus of a crossover video featuring several noteworthy guest animators, set to the instrumental of the track, “Thursday in the Danger Room” featuring jazz composer Kamasi Washington.

It is also the cartoon duo’s second music video in a week, after their surprise guest appearance on Logic‘s mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II. The video, directed by Juan Meza-León, was released earlier today as a promotion for the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles on October 6-7. For tickets and more information, visit the official website.

The video follows Rick and Morty as they bust alien federation butt all across the galaxy with a Men in Black-style demeanor. No matter what evil they encounter, it learns one way or another not to mess with the smartest mammal in the galaxy.


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