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REVIEW: The Decemberists fuse rustic and dance pop in ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’

Soul and dance

The Decemberists are back to bring another eclectic collection of songs in I’ll Be Your Girl

decemberists-girl-coverThe Decemberists have always been known for bringing all kinds of music to the table, whether it is rustic folk music, bouncy electronic dance pop, rocking ballads, and anything else in between or beyond. It is part of what gives them their lasting charm since their inception back in 2000.

This most certainly remains true in the band’s just released eighth studio album I’ll Be Your Girl.

The main single “Severed” has this distinctly 80’s dance pop/pop rock feel. The robotic synth riff that cycles through the song, the pulsing bass line, the strongly strummed guitar chords, and the synth waves in the chorus all add up to something that could have easily been a hit in 1986.

For those who are more into the folksy with vocal harmonies scene, songs like “Rusalka, Rusalka/Wild Rushes”, “I’ll Be Your Girl”, “Once in My Life”, “Cutting Stone”, and more have that base covered and then some.

Songs like “Your Ghost” and “Sucker’s Prayer” will resonate a bit better with those who are more into rock.

One of the more delightfully depressing songs on I’ll Be Your Girl has to be “Everything is Awful”, hands down. It has such a bright, cheery chord progression and rhythm and a catchy vocal melody with some sweet harmonies to boot. It is easy to get caught up in the sad joy of it all.

I’ll Be Your Girl can seem a bit confusing on a surface level due to some of the sonic differences between so many of the songs, but when listened from start to finish there is some peculiar way of making sense of it all.

Definitely not an easy feat for any artist to accomplish, which makes it all the more worth checking out.

Rating: 3/5

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Listen: The Decemberists I’ll Be Your Girl

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