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Eminem Takes Shot at NRA on Extended Version of ‘Nowhere Fast’

They’re going nowhere fast

Eminem and Kehlani fire a message to the masses.

After collaborating on “Nowhere Fast,” a solemn yet uplifting track appearing on Eminem’s Revival album, Eminem and Kehlani have reignited to produce an extended version of the song.

The extended version is different mainly because of the added verse Eminem adds at the beginning. “Sometimes I don’t know what this world has come to/ it’s blowing up/ this whole country is going nuts/and the NRA is in our way/ they’re responsible for this whole production/ this responsible for this whole production.”

Em uses the new verse of the song to take a substantial shot at the NRA, claiming that American gun owners “love their guns more than our children.”

This version made its debut at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last Sunday. The two were introduced by Eminem’s fellow Detroit rapper Big Sean along with a survivor of the Parkland shooting, Alex Moscou.

Sean refers to him as the rap god himself, just before Eminem emerged from the smoke passionately rapping his never-before-heard verse.

Kehlani stood at the front of the stage surrounded by thousands of fans as she delivered the chorus with her velvety vocals “ashes blowing in the air/ our world’s on fire but we don’t care… the skies are black but our hearts made of gold/ forget doing what you’re told/ we’re going nowhere fast.”

This is arguably Kehlani’s biggest collaboration to date. Though she has featured on tracks for Calvin Harris as well as artists up and coming artists like Aminé and Stormzy,

Eminem is most definitely the most high profile, well known and accomplished artist she has contributed to.

The two seem quite fond of one another. Kehlani posted several pictures of them together on her Instagram account the day of the show.

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Watch: Eminem feat. Kehlani Nowhere Fast

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