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Kanye West is being sued over a camo print ripoff

Yeezy is in hot waters


Print in question (Photos used: Yeezysupply)

Kanye West is once again in hot waters, but this time because of a specific camouflage print used on his Yeezy season 5 apparel.

As of last Thursday, West is being sued by Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, who claims the rapper ripped off their camouflage print and created camo hoodies, thigh-high boots, cargo pants, hooded bomber jackets among numerous other pieces for his brand. In the lawsuit, Lebron James’s apparel company also gets named.

According to TMZ, the lawsuit states Jordan has created distinctive markings on their camo and West’s brand removed the trademark and ripped off the design. Interesting enough, they also claim, a representative from Yeezy contacted them to discuss using the camo print, but when the people at Jordan shared that Yeezy would have to license the design in order to use it they went silent and no longer responded to Jordan. However, even though they did not respond West still went ahead and used the design on their apparel pieces.

Jordan is now asking a judge for damage compensation and to stop Yeezy in its tracks when it comes to the items created with such design. They are also stating they want all pieces that have already been created to be turned over and destroyed.

This is not the first time the Kardashian-Jenner-West clan has been accused of ripping off a design from another company, just last year Kylie Jenner was called out for copying a camo design herself. After the company exposed the design’s similarities the situation was quickly handled, but it left buyers a sour taste in their mouth.

There are yet no words from Yeezy’s representative on this matter. West’s apparel brand may be successful on its own, but if this is true it could be time new and fresh designs are considered.

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