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Young Thug reveals collaboration with Sprayground for backpack launch

Taking style up a notch.

Young Thug adds in a pitch of his own style in upcoming limited-edition backpack capsule collection with Sprayground…

Proudly sporting Sprayground in his everyday style, Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been a loyal customer to the high-end backpack and luggage brand for the last couple of years.

Now, Thug has revealed he has been partaking in the designs of a new limited-edition backpack capsule with Sprayground, containing two signature styled backpacks that caters to his own creative intuition.

The inspiration for the backpack designs come from Thug’s quirky, flashy, and vibrant choices that he makes ‘trendy’ which includes his distinctive colorway, purple which sets him apart on the runway of the grey cemented concrete streets of Georgia.
Founder and Creative Director for Sprayground, David Ben-David, explains in an interview with Billboard how this is a good opportunity for Thug to break out into the fashion world and open more doors to future collaborations:

 “Young Thug has a great fashion game and a great fashion name but he never designed fashion or accessories before. I wanted to bring him into my world.”

By inviting Ben-David into his world of recording sessions to stir up new music, David has become involved in making music of his own with “Money on the Plane,” expected to drop sometime this summer.
As a way of paying his respects back to the 26-year-old rapper for leading him on this newfound path, he has allowed him to jump-start a potential career in the fashion scene as a way of testing the waters of each-other’s familiar territories. David explains:

“I’ve always been interested in the influences of fashion in music and vice versa, and how the two are so immersed in one another, and Young Thug both as an artist and fashion icon, is truly at the edge of these cross roads.”

“I am grateful to have worked with Young Thug and to have been invited to experience his creativity and originality through studio sessions while he was in New York,” he said. “Working with Young Thug on this collaboration has once again opened that window, that merger of fashion and music that has contributed to this amazing capsule.”

Although Ben-David has worked alongside other great hip-hop artists in the music industry such as Chris Brown, The Game, among others, he directly points out that Thug was the one to stick out like a sore thumb amidst everyone else he has met:

“It was Young Thug that pushed the pedal on this new wave I am taking, and it all stems from when he performed in his studio, it was a like a soul came out of his body,” he adds.

The backpacks are limited in quantities and once they sell out, they won’t be making a comeback; the collection is available in two options consisting of a Purple Tie Dye Shark backpack, $80 and a Diamond Cubes backpack, $65.

Not only are they unique in style, but they are also water-resilient which comes in handy for taking on explorations. Check out all Sprayground items and grab your own now at

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Pictured below are the two available in Young Thug’s capsule collection:






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