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First ever sex doll brothel opens in Barcelona

A “realistic robotic” sex partner anyone?

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In a world controlled mostly by technology, is it really a shocker that sex dolls are becoming more innovative and popular than ever? Perhaps it isn’t, but what was once a controversial subject has become the new normal, especially now that the world’s first sex doll brothel has just opened up in Barcelona, Spain.

The brothel is a first of its kind as it offers sexual services with dolls only. Clients will be charged $127 per hour for an erotic sexual session with one of the large-breasted Lumidolls: Brandi, Elektra, Yoko, Arwen, Debra, Kanda, Katy, and Lily whom all offer distinctive body and facial features.

According to their website, LumiDolls was created in hopes of “offering something totally new and revolutionary within the paid sex sector. We are the world’s first brand to offer sexual encounters with Sex Dolls, totally realistic dolls both in the movement of their joints and in touch, which will allow you to fulfill all your fantasies without any limits.”

Additionally, the website states their clients are encouraged to share how they would like their “mate” to be,

“These Sex Dolls will make the experience more pleasurable, exciting and erotic than you can imagine. You can tell us how you prefer to find her in the room, what kind of clothes you want for her, in what situation… Do not hesitate to give us all the details of your fantasy to be able to satisfy all your desires and make you live an unforgettable experience.”

The dolls will be disinfected after each use and clients are asked to wear a condom in order to keep the dolls as hygienically clean as possible. Organizers of the brothel claim multiple sessions have already been reserved.

Funny enough the brothel is located in Spain a Spanish country that offers a rich Latin culture. The Latino community has an unspoken yet well-known rule when it comes to sex ,“We do not freely discuss it”. Therefore, having a sex doll brothel opens up many questions as well as the idea that abuela might have a heart attack if she comes over for Thanksgiving dinner and silicone Sally is sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Though the Spanish brothel is a first of its kind it is entering into a marketplace that is crowded with numerous different brands that are looking to appeal to a clientele of consumers that want to have silicone lovers be a part of their everyday life not just in the bedroom.

The California-based company Realdoll, described by the brand as “the world’s finest love dolls expertly crafted in the USA,” is currently in the finishing process of creating “Harmony Artificial Intelligence.” This new model will allow users to program specific personality traits including charm, shyness, and wit among others in total the program will offer 12 different traits to choose from. Physical traits will also be able to be customized down to the amount, of freckles.

Realdoll intends on expanding their roster of dolls incorporating a male robotic version with the same artificial intelligence. The dolls will be controlled via an app, available by subscription.

When asked about this new invention Matt McMullen, the CEO of Realdoll told Digital Trends,

“We are developing the Harmony AI system to add a new layer to the relationships people can have with a Realdoll. Many of our clients rely on their imaginations to a great degree to impose imagined personalities on their dolls. With the Harmony AI, they will be able to actually create these personalities instead of having to imagine them. They will be able to talk to their dolls, and the AI will learn about them over time through these interactions, thus creating an alternative form of relationship. The scope of conversations possible with the AI is quite diverse, and not limited to sexual subject matter.”

McMullen hopes the Harmony AI dolls will help those who have trouble creating and maintain real relationships while helping men, women, and couples explore “uncharted territories.”

These innovative dolls not only cost a few thousands of dollars, but they could even cause abuela a mini-stroke if she ever came to the conclusion that silicone Sally was not just a social experiment she was indeed a new kind of “mate.”

Can these dolls be considered a fetish? Or is this yet another way to remove human interaction from the equation?

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