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WATCH: Azealia Banks drops new video to 2014 track “SODA”

Banks back in the desert

Azealia Banks has just pulled off her “Hotline Bling,” putting out the video for her popular track significantly later than its release. Much like Drake did in 2016, Banks recently dropped the music video for “SODA,” a song from her 2014 debut studio album Broke With Expensive Taste.

The intro to the track is vaguely reminiscent of Radiohead, with a similar beat structure to the song, “Reckoner.” It’s electronic, eerie, and enticing. But other than the intro, the two have little in common.

Directed by Jahvel Brown, the clip starts with the sun peering out from behind a tall hill, and another nature shot before we see Banks dressed scantily clad in the desert. It actually seems like an extremely similar setting to her video for “Heavy Metal and Reflective.” If it wasn’t directed by Rob Soucy and Nick Ace, viewers might even assume that Banks and Brown shot both desert videos in the same stretch of time, in the same place.

Aside from being a super skilled MC, Banks has always shown a real affinity for being in front of the camera. She has a series of highly stylized and creative videos where she never fails to look beautiful while simultaneously exhibiting the same amount passion in her on-screen performances as there are in her lyrics.

The “SODA” video is no different, but here, Banks is exuding a more calm, inwardly charged performance. She moves in a subtle and slow-motion way that doesn’t quite match the beat of the song, yet compliments it nicely.

Many of Banks’s videos feature her dancing on her own to some degree—and in “SODA” there’s no exception. She is accompanied by a drummer, who is supposedly providing the beat, although he is not very convincing.

Banks wears a large makeshift gold dress with silver double hoops and sports a thick black temple-to temple stripe across her face. It’s unclear what the specific origins of this style she is rocking are but Banks makes it clear in her lyrics “I try all the cultures” which gives a pretty good explanation.

Either way, whenever Banks drops a video, it’s always hot, unique and expertly crafted just like her music. Congrats to this desert queen on her new video that once again drew attention to a great song.


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