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First Look: Netflix’s Fastest Car

Viewers jump in the fast lane with Fastest Car.

The new Netflix show, Fastest Car, asks the questions, Can a super build beat a supercar? In Netflix’s first-ever auto show the eight episodes will consist of average joes and some very rich joes will be putting their super builds against some of the most expensive supercars money can buy.

Unlike the show Top Gear, this series will not have a set host, instead, it will focus on a different team of car enthusiasts each episode. The series is Executive Produced by Al Edgington, Joe LaBracio, Dawn Ostroff, Scott Weintrob, Jeremy Finn. It is Produced by Condé Nast Entertainment and Large Eyes Check out the synopsis of Netflix’s Fastest Car:

In each hour-long episode, three souped-up “sleeper” cars, tinkered with and lovingly labored on, go head-to-head with one of the world’s most sought-after supercars in the new Unscripted series, Fastest Car, premiering on Netflix April 6. Don’t believe a 1984 Honda CRX can beat a Ferrari California? Or a 2011 Pontiac minivan will leave a Porsche GT3 in its rearview mirror? There is a whole subculture which begs to differ.

The trailer speeds at the viewers with the pure adrenaline rush you can only achieve behind the wheel of a car. A driver in voice-over explains that each car has its own unique feeling. Money can’t always buy you speed. A race is shown between two cars. One, an upscale supercar. The other, a super build.

Average joes vs rich joes in a race to determine, who has the fastest car. A voice-over explains the definition of a sleeper car. A car you would look at and say to yourself there’s no way it can be that fast. A driver is seen describing how he put his car together in his grandfather’s garage.

An array of supercars, luxurious and extravagant are shown. A sophisticated and affluent-looking gentleman rises out of his Lamborghini and in a voice-over states how he would be humiliated if his supercar had its doors blown off by a station wagon.

The show introduces its varied cast of car enthusiasts who represent many different walks of life. A man in a wheelchair, an ex-gangbanger, and inexperienced racers. A diverse group of people all vying to see who has the fastest car.

Fastest Car zooms onto the program queue April 6th.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Fastest Car

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