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First Look: Netflix’s The Titan

Earth’s only hope

Netflix‘s The Titan  centers around humanity’s last chance.

The newest sci-fi film to hit Netflix is director Lennart Ruff’s The Titan. The film stars Sam WorthingtonTaylor Schilling, and Tom Wilkinson. Like in Avatar, Worthington will once again be transforming into an alien-like creature to save humanity. Titan is written by Max Hurwitz with a screenplay by Arash Amel. The film also stars Agyness DeynNathalie Emmanuel, and Corey Johnson. Here is the synopsis of Netflix’s The Titan:

In the near future, a military family uproots their lives so they can participate in a ground-breaking experiment to accelerate man’s genetic evolution. The goal? To relocate humanity to another planet and avoid extinction. Starring Sam Worthington, Taylor Schilling, Tom Wilkinson and Nathalie Emmanuel.

The trailer begins with a depiction of a world in turmoil. The Pacific is suffering from nuclear fallout, Los Angeles is uninhabitable. When Air Force Pilot Rick Janssen (Worthington) and his wife (Schilling) are taken to a secluded four square miles base that is highly classified.

Janssen is selected to be the first man on the Titan project. Janssen expresses his gratitude to the head of Titan (Wilkinson) for being selected for the program. Its revealed that Earth’s natural resources have been depleted. If something isn’t done soon, half the world’s population will die due to starvation. After that, the Earth will die. However, it is revealed that there is one place that could be humanity’s only hope, the largest moon of Saturn, Titan.

The plan is to terraform Titan so that humankind can live on. The program consists of a covert operation that will make its participants enhanced beings. The scientist explains in a voice-over that most of the participants will fail. Others will break. The participants train together and bond as a family of sorts.

But just as everything seems to be going according to plan, Janssen’s wife discovers Rick is transforming into something inhuman. As Rick begins to grow scales and has decoloration of the skin, he is rushed to the military hospital. Its brought to the attention of the officials that the Titan Program isn’t space research as much as it is criminal. When the participants start showing signs of violent behavior, the program is put into question.

Rick wants to finish the program. As Rick continues to push himself, his transformation starts to take hold to the dismay of his distressed wife. Its said in a voice-over that if the program can’t control him, they are all dead.

Netflix’s The Titan hits the program queue March 30th, 2018.

Watch: The Trailer For Netflix’s The Titan

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