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Recap: Jessica Jones Episode 3 Season 2 AKA Sole Survivor

The IGH mystery continues

Jessica Jones Episode 3, Season 2 Recap: “AKA Sole Survivor”

Jessica starts to come to terms with the fact that she can no longer afford to leave her past as a mystery. When people start ended up murdered by a mysterious figure tied to IGH, Jessica’s past is thrust into the spotlight, and everyone is put in danger.

The episode begins with Jessica and Trish having to dispose of Will Simpson’s body. Jessica launches it into the ocean like a boy would throw a football. A harsh send-off for a man who died protecting them from a mysterious IGH test subject. But if Jessica doesn’t want to be tied to another dead body and risk jail time, this was the only way.

When Trish suggest Jessica hire a shrink to remember parts of her past, it doesn’t take. Jessica goes back to her usual methods of all-nighters consisting of alcohol and reading an array of files. The next morning Malcolm alerts Jessica that she has received an eviction notice from the new building superintendent, Oscar. Jessica pounds on Oscar’s door and demands to know why he is doing this.

Oscar says the apartment complex owner agrees with him that Jessica is bad for business. He tells her she needs to be out in thirty days. Elsewhere, Hogarth is being forced out by her higher-ups due to her health crisis that is revealed to be ALS, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. They tell her she has the option of stepping down or being forced out. When Foggy Nelson (from Daredevil) offers to help her fight the force out, Hogarth see’s it as Foggy trying to suck up. She dismisses his assistance with rude vulgarity.

Back at Alias Investigations, Jessica pours over the plethora of IGH files making a timeline of key events and suspects. Jessica falls asleep and has a nightmare involving a familiar door from the clinic that experimented on her. As she walks down the hallway, a scarred faced man grabs her as she is abruptly woken up. Later Malcolm informs Jessica he has discovered some dirt on Oscar that involves criminal activity.

Jessica returns to the abandoned IGH building and finds the door she saw in her dream. She discovers a name on it, Doctor Leslie Hansen. Trish picks Jessica up, and they track down Hansen’s address. They break into the apartment to find it completely clean and sterile. When they investigate the basement of the apartment complex, they discover a human skull and take it to one of Trish’s contacts at the hospital to I.D. it.

When Jessica returns home, she floods her toilet with tampons. Jones hopes to keep Oscar out of his apartment long enough so she can break in and find some dirt on him. While Oscar is fixing her toilet, Jessica sneaks into his apartment but is discovered by Oscar’s son who is fascinated by Jessica. The boy asks if she knows any Avengers and wants to impress her with his toy collection. As Jessica looks around Oscar returns and demand, she leaves. Jessica says divulges she has found out Oscar forged his boss’s Cambodian boy toy’s green card.

Oscar wonders why she would separate him from his son. After a moment of clarity, Jessica apologizes for bringing the cops to his front door. She didn’t realize he had a criminal record at the time. Oscar says his son means everything to him and he will do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

Otherwhere, back at Trish’s place, Griffin encourages Trish to keep investigating this IGH story and help Jessica. However, his encouragement is a front, and his true intentions are shown when he takes out a flash drive to steal Trish’s story.  The following day Hogarth goes to visit Jessica at Alias Investigations. Hogarth warns that Cheng has hired her to sue Jessica. When Jessica inquires to why Hogarth is telling her this, she reveals she wants Jessica back in the fold.

When Jessica initially refuses Hogarth reveals she has ALS and that she needs Jessica’s help. Hogarth begs her to dig up dirt on the people trying to force her out. Across town, on Trish Talk, Trish makes an open call over the radio to any and all of Dr. Hansen’s patients. She is shocked when Dr. Hansen herself calls and requests a meeting. When Trish meets with Jessica, Jessica urges her not to go. Trish proclaims this is her job to do, until Jessica drops a juicy gossip story to paparazzi that Trish and her super successful reporter boyfriend are on the outs. Jessica smugly tells Trish, it might be hard to have a secret meeting when you’re being trailed by paparazzi.

Jessica meets with Dr. Hansen at a dive bar. When Hansen realizes that Jessica isn’t Trish she tries to leave. Jessica forces her to stay. Trish is imprisoned in her apartment by raving paparazzi. Malcolm drops by on Jessica’s request to check up on her. When Trish gets a call on the phone from her contact at the hospital, she is shocked when he tells her the skull belongs to Dr. Leslie Hansen. Fearing Jessica to be in trouble, Malcolm and Trish devise a plan to get past the paparazzi and get to Jessica.

The woman, who is posing as Dr. Hansen, and Jessica sit at a booth in the shady bar. Jessica demands answers regarding IGH. The imposter tells Jessica she was brought back from the dead, she should be grateful. When Jessica pushes her interrogation too far, the imposter reveals she has super strength as well and manhandles Jessica with savage ferocity. The imposter runs out onto the streets at breakneck speed.

As Jessica chases after her, she runs into Malcolm and Trish. When an eager paparazzi appears out of nowhere to take a shot of Trish and Malcolm, Jessica steals the camera and takes a shot of the imposter who is scaling the side of a building with inhuman dexterity.

AKA Sole Survivor is a slower episode that furthers the mystery of IGH. We learn that Griffin has ulterior motives for encouraging Trish’s investigation. We also discover Dr. Hansen of IGH is dead and whoever this imposter is had scary superhuman strength. Jessica will have her work cut out for her this season.

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