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YFN Lucci has everything he could need in new video ‘The King’

Alexander McQueen for the king huh?

YFN Lucci is living the luxurious lifestyle in his latest music video for track “The King.”

After making an appearance in catchy banger’s such as A Boggie with da Hoddie’s song “One Nighter,” and previously releasing singles with numerous collaborations like “Street Kings,” ft. Meek Mill as well as Migo’s Offset in “Boss Life,” the Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci has also dropped a new music video for his single “The King,” fresh off of his latest album Ray Ray From Summerhill, out now.

The visuals for “The King,” which was directed by Chad Tennies and Mac Grant centers the video on all the extravagant gifts that come with rising into a first-class resident living a lavish lifestyle meant for the wealthy.

YFN Lucci is the main man behind the story sporting a matching fur coat and hat, and other pricey accessories, surrounded by a group of beautiful women and spitting out fast bars hiding away in a mansion, which isn’t one bit surprising to say the least, as that same image has been shown in continuous videos in the hip-hop scene for some time now.

However, the video also seems to hint towards something darker as a cloudburst of raindrops are heard outside the mansion.

The first thing shown are the shadows of a pack of wild wolves roaming through the entrance, which automatically creates questionable obscurity with the rest of the clips.

As the video goes on it just gets more odd and confusing as the group sitting alongside Lucci at the dinner table are all hooded and wearing black in which they are seen ready to dine on ‘animal bones and guns,’ which ultimately results in a mysterious suicide near the end.


Ray Ray From Summerhill, is now available for downloading here, and features various other rap artists such as T.I., Wale, Dreezy and YFN Trae Pound, and many more.

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Watch: YFN Lucci The King



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