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Chatting it up with X Ambassadors Adam Levin

Soulful, Grateful, Joyful.

The X Ambassadors are climbing to new heights as they set out on the “JOYFUL” tour

The high energy soulful band X Ambassadors have had an amazing past few years since they hit the scene in 2013 with “Love Songs, Drug Songs”. Now coming out with their second album “JOYFUL”, the band is headlining a world tour to boot.

Salute spoke with drummer Adam Levin about where they have come from, their inspirations, and the impact that they want their music to have on the masses in the long run.

Salute: What was your inspiration on this album?

AL: We’ve been inspired by our life experiences and all the new music we’ve absorbed from other artists since releasing the last album. When we were first writing for the album, we tried going in a lot of different directions until we settled on the new direction which can be heard in the two new songs we’ve released from the album.

Salute: How do you feel your music has progressed over the last few years?

AL: We’ve been through a lot since recording VHS.  While working on VHS, we were a relatively unknown band struggling to gain attention and make a name for ourselves.  That struggle definitely came through on the last album.  Our world has completely changed since then.  We toured the world for two years straight, and are now trying to do something new. The new music has a lot more soul influence than the last record, and the production is going a bit in a different direction.  It’s really exciting.

Salute: Who did you listen to for inspiration on this album?

 AL: We all listen to so much music.  Really everything from classic and contemporary hip-hop, rock, soul and electric music.

Salute: “JOYFUL” was such a moving song, how did you come up for the concept of the video?

AL: We had released so many videos with a narrative, and while that is a beautiful way to tell a story, we really wanted to change it up with the videos from the new album.  The first video we released for “Ahead of Myself” featured Sam singing all the vocals live while we were walking through Rochester, NY. “JOYFUL” was really exciting because we recorded it 100% live and had a string section and choir perform it with us.

SALUTE: What do you feel makes your music different than other bands in your genre?

AL: We don’t like to think of ourselves as a part of any genre.  What makes us different is that we’re all capable producers and are able to take various elements from different genres to create a new sound.

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SALUTE: Are you excited for this new tour? Where are you excited to perform that you haven’t before?

AL: We are so excited for the new tour.  We are performing in Russia for the first time which is going to be really interesting …..and cold.

SALUTE: Are there any collaborations in the works with other artists?

AL: We are always collaborating with other artists and to producers, but I’m not going to give that away!  Duh!

SALUTE: What impact do you want your music to have on the world?

 AL: Music is so unique in that it can heal.  We want our music to have a significant impact not only on popular and indie culture, but we also want to give a voice to any people that are going through tough things in life or people that have been marginalized because of who they are and /or the things they believe in.  We want to give those people a voice.

SALUTE: What charities are you passionate about?

AL: We are very passionate about charity and plan to continue to donate and work with them.  In the past we have had the privilege of working with Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, No Barriers, Wounded Warriors project among many others.

The X Ambassadors are out on the “JOYFUL” tour now, click here to learn more about the band or purchase tickets.

WATCH: Ahead of Myself (Acoustic Version)

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