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Gucci Mane recruits HoodRich Pablo Juan & Yung Mal for ‘Yeah Yeah’

#1017 Squad Assemble

Gucci Mane is calling forth the 1017 squad for his newest banger ‘Yeah Yeah’

With only a week-and-a-half left until the launch of the highly anticipated project labeled, Eskimo Boys Vol. 1, Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is focusing all his attention on teasing a taste into what’s expected with the drop of his second single “Yeah Yeah,” featuring fellow hip-hop artists housed under the 1017 label such as HoodRich Pablo Juan and Yung Mal.

The track serves as a follow-up to their debut single, “We Don’t Luv Em’ (Remix).”

The label, 1017 Eskimo Records was originally founded by Mane himself and has since broken out into one of the leading companies owned by a rap artist to date. Z MoneyLil Wop, and Lil Quill also fall under the labels wing and will most likely make an appearance on some of the other newly prepared songs yet to be released.

The southern originator stays true to his roots with “Yeah Yeah,” his alluring trap-interwoven with the placid bars by Juan and Mal, making it a catchy beat that embraces their own rags to riches story through each verse.

At one point, Mane also throws respects to his 1017 squad members in one verse:

“I signed Pablo, he told me, ‘Go get Mal and Quill’ (Blo, Mal)/‘Cause we so trill (Quill, Wop),” Gucci rhymes. “Yeah, f*** 12, I’m a Eskimo myself (brr brr)/Can’t sign no snitch ass n****, that would hurt my rep (no)/Found out he p****, told him keep the cash and dip.”

Which then, of course, follows the three gloating about expensive jewelry, beautiful women, money, and all the other grand privileges that come along with a rising hip-hop star in the music industry.

“Yeah, Dolce Gabana peacoat (dingy)
I’m ballin’ like Gucci the coach (I’m ballin’)
Step on these n*****, you just a lil roach (lil roach)
Yeah, rich n**** like Lil Boat (rich n****)
Water on my neck the coast (water)
Look in my eyes and they say don’t approach (look at me, n****)
Cookin’ the chickens on the pot like roasts (boom)
All my hundreds blue just like my Locs (blue hundreds)
All my bitches bad, they do the most (she bad)
I be poppin’ tags to jump in the Ghost
Gotta watch your swag, they takin’ down notes
Swear bitches like the jewelry, make ‘em vote.”

In addition to the new album, Mane is also working on mix-tape on the side with Lil Yachty, and Migos dubbed Glacier Boys, which was previously teased back in February. 1017  Eskimo Boys Vol. 1, is out April 6th via Mane’s signature label 1017 Records.

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LISTEN: Gucci Mane Ft. HoodRich Pablo Juan, & Yung Mal Yeah Yeah


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