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REVIEW: The Sword rocks fantastical soundscapes in ‘Used Future’

Don’t get too comfortable.

The Sword brings a more modern edge to doom metal in their new LP Used Future.

the-sword-used-futureWhat do you get when you take Black Sabbath (both Ozzy and Dio eras), add a dash of Budgie, throw in a pinch of Rush, a half dusting of Alice in Chains, put in the occasional funky bass line, and maybe just the tiniest hint of Iron Maiden? Texas based stoner/doom metal band The Sword, that’s what.

These metalheads that are quite clearly inspired by the ye metal of olde are definitely carrying the torch of doom metal and keeping the flame alive in their sixth studio LP Used Future.

There are beefy, monstrous riffs aplenty in this album. Songs like “Deadly Nightshade”, “Twilight Sunrise”, “Used Future”, and others are more than enough to satiate the pallet of even the most heavy loving metal fan.

This is not just an all riffs and solos album, though. There are synthesizers aplenty to add an extra layer of sonic depth to many of the songs. Keeps them from being too one note and entirely stuck in the past. Songs like “Brown Mountain” and “Sea of Green” are a good example of that.

One song that sounds less Sabbath-y is “Book of Thoth”. It has a more upbeat, single string, driving, with tambourine feel to it than many of the other tracks. It is a breath of fresh air considering the speed at which most of the other songs are played at.

One of the more interesting tracks on Used Future is the completely sans-vocals “Nocturne”. It has this eerie synth wave feel through it that feels reminiscent of something from The Terminator soundtrack, but a bit more elaborate.

The piano melody adds a more vibrant texture and keeps it from being too cheesy. As the track progresses, it gradually builds up adding a thumping echoing drum, dual harmonized guitar melodies, and more. This is definitely a zone out track.

Fans of metal from the 70’s will have no problem enjoying Used Future. It keeps that old school classic metal spirit alive in a way that does not sound rehashed and stale. These guys clearly have their own way of doing things and it shows. A worthy addition to any metalhead’s collection.

Rating: 3.5/5

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Listen: The Sword Used Future

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