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Tamar Vs. The World: Braxton Family Values Returns for Season 6

WeTV‘s Braxton Family Values is back with the first episode of Season 6.

The season picks up right after Tamar Braxton announced to the world that she was divorcing her husband Vincent Herbert. Unfortunately, she never said a word about it to her family, who found out via blogs and social media. For once, Tamar is keeping her mouth shut and face hidden to keep her family drama out of the public.

Though Tamar’s sisters want to be supportive during her time of need, they just can’t let go of the comments that she made in the past. For those who don’t remember, Tamar has had something to say about all of her sister’s husbands. Though she wasn’t wrong, the comments hurt their feelings and they’ve been holding on to the pain for five years.

The comments occurred in Season 1 of Braxton Family Values. Tamar called Traci Braxton’s husband Kevin “a cheater.” She called her sister Trina Braxton’s husband Gabe, “a computer wiz who like to cheat on the internet.” She pointed out that Andre, Towanda’s husband, can’t get or keep a job. And she took shots at Toni’s ex-husband Keri Lewis, by saying that he just wants to live off of her.

Going back to present day, Traci and Trina seem to be the ones who are most angry with Tamar for her words. However, Towanda laters has an issue with her when Tamar did not show up for her Los Angeles performance of the new play Two Can Play That Game. Everything was resolved when Towanda confronted Tamar when visiting her new apartment.

Unfortunately, nothing is for sure about the future of Tamar’s marriage. However, a lot of the drama that we’ve been witnessing since her announce will play out in more detail on the show.

Check out the Trailer for Season 6 of Braxton Family Values.

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