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Frank Castle goes to War with the Marvel Universe in The Punisher #225

Marvel Comics announces the next big story arc for Frank Castle, War Machine.

Marvel Comics has shed light on the new War Machine being none other than Frank Castle, The Punisher. Frank dawns the iconic silver and black armor in The Punisher #225. His notion to clean up crime by any means has increased tenfold with a new unstoppable arsenal. The comic book will be available everywhere May 30th, 2018.

In the latest installment of his storyline writer Matthew Rosenberg and artist Guiu Vilanova place Frank against the Marvel Universe. On his righteous path of justice the superhero community has banded together to stop Frank from his extreme methods of judge, jury, and executioner.

Familiar faces including Spider-Man, The Thing, Captain Marvel, and numerous others have stepped up to oppose the former Marine. They all aim to stop the man who is dragging the War Machine name to new lows as the kill count rises in the wake of Frank Castle. What will the repercussions of this conflict have toward Frank and the other heroes?

Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. get involve for the armor Frank wears was actually given to him by the organization. Therefore, who knows what will take place if the unknowing vigilantes learn of these actions.

Rosenberg is known for his numerous works in the comic book community especially through Marvel Comics being Tales of Suspense, Edge of Venomverse, and The Punisher. The stories he has taken part in dive into immense action and unpredictability.

Vilanova is a respected artist that brings forth new dynamics in comic books. He displays his talents in particular titles through The Punisher, Dark Shadows Year One, and The Twilight Zone. Vilanova’s style reflects on thin pencil work, heavy movement, and subtle realism.

Together both Rosenberg and Vilanova have projected Frank than ever before with a colossal armory at his fingertips. Now witness the Punisher take on the rest of the Marvel superheroes in The Punisher #225 to release this year come May 30th, 2018.







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