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Amon Amarth have new album on the way

Get ready to be pillaged.

Amon Amarth are ready to bring the kind of heavy metal thrashing and pillaging that only vikings can

For a while now viking metal kings Amon Amarth have been hard at work crafting and forging a brand new album to follow up their 2016 release Jornsviking. It has been some time since any updates have been given, but luckily something has just come through the pipes.

In a recent interview with Heavy magazine at Download Festival, bassist Ted Lundström sat down to give fans and critics alike a much desired bit of news on the album’s progress, saying:

“We’re half way through writing the new album – and the new stuff sounds amazing, so we’re really stoked to get back into the studio as soon as possible.”

In terms of what the band wants the artistic direction of the new material is going to be, Lundström says:

“We’re always trying to take it to the next step, but in the end, even when we’re like, ‘We’re going to do something really different,’ it will still end up sounding like Amon Amarth anyway. We’re doomed. We’re always going to sound like this!”

At press time there is no word on what the title of the upcoming album will be, what any of the song names will be, singles, nor the date upon which it will be released.

Amon Amarth currently have a few tour dates planned for the next week, with one being in Brisbane, Australia and the rest being in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.

Tickets to the upcoming tour dates can be found and purchased here.

Amon Amarth 2018 tour dates

March 27: Brisbane Tivoli, Australia
March 29: Tokyo Ex Theater, Japan
March 31: Osaka Imp Hall, Japan
April 02: Tokyo Zepp Tokyo, Japan

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