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Charlie Puth debuts new song “Change” during March For Our Lives

Marching for Change

Charlie Puth is ready to make a “Change.”

During this weekend’s March For Our Lives, thousands upon thousands marched across the country for gun reform. Taking part in the march were many celebrities, but one in particular contributed more than just his name. Charlie Puth also contributed a new song.

The song, entitled “Change,” features singer James Taylor. The simplicity and slowness of the guitar bring a peacefulness to the song that lets the lyrics shine brightest. It allows listeners to really listen to the message of the song.

“Change” was written as a message to the country to remember that everyone is human and deserves the right to that experience.

As he said in his tweet, the song is “dedicated to all of the Parkland students, any lives lost to senseless violence and the world.”

The lyrics remind listeners that love simply is not enough. Everyone needs to understand that we’re all the same, as James Taylor croons:

Look around there are too many of us crying
Not enough love to go around
What a waste of a day
A good one dying
But I know that the world will change
The day we know we’re all the same

Together, the two ask,

What a waste it would be to deny somebody
Of a chance to be theirselves
What a waste it would be if we hurt for nothing?

Puth participated in the march in LA while other cities flooded with protestors. He was one of 55,000 who attended the LA installation.

Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato performed at the D.C. march, Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter, according to CNN, said she “dreams of a gun-free world, period” and students of Stoneman Douglas, as well as other young revolutionaries, stood up and gave rousing speeches that moved the crowds deeply.

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Listen: Charlie Puth Change

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