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Chanel to launch its first swim and ski collection

Endless traditions and trends

Chanel knows no limit when it comes to starting iconic trends, even if it means layering clear PVC with a tweed set. The fashion house is now introducing its first swimwear and snow collection, proving its devotion to endless creativity.

Though we’ve seen Chanel’s taste for outdoor ready-to-wear through their resort collections, creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, is designing a collection dedicated solely to beach wear. The German designer is introducing two capsule collections: Coco Beach and Coco Neige.

The swimwear line, Coco Beach, consists of trendy espadrilles, denims, beach bags, bandanas, swimsuits, and bikinis. Some of the swimwear pieces are to come in classy black, imprinted with its signature double-C logo. Lagerfeld was inspired during a summer vacation in Saint-Tropez, as he noticed Chanel’s lack of beach gear. Coco Beach is to launch in 26 stores in June, just in time for summer.

Lagerfeld designed Coco Neige from inspiration to provide the importance of the collection by displaying the logo on the clothing. President of fashion at Chanel, Bruno Pavlovsky, told WWD,

Karl has worked on every piece, he has seen everything. He is very involved and he always wants it to work. That’s what’s important. This is not a second-tier collection. The energy that has been put behind it is the same.”

Coco Neige features cozy quilted coats, nylon ski pants, warm shearling boots and the fashion house’s signature tweed jackets. Ski salopettes and stylish jackets will also make their debut in the collection. The line will launch in stores in July and August, along with its resort and pre-fall collection. The anticipation begins as Chanel is known for putting an unforgettable show year after year. Even with transforming the Grand Palais to a space station and a grocery store, Lagerfeld continues to prove fashion’s immeasurable potential in artistry.

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