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First Look: Youtube Red’s Impulse

Here and gone in the blink of an eye.

Youtube Red‘s Impulse is director Doug Liman‘s next chapter in the Jumper saga.

From the mind of director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow and the Bourne Identity) comes the next thrilling chapter in the Jumper saga. Impulse is set to debut on Youtube Red and has a ten episode order.

Jumper was based on a 1992 novel by Steven Gould and followed a young man named David Rice (played by Star Wars prequel star Hayden Christensen) who discovers he has the ability to teleport. At the time of the film’s release, Liman hinted at plans for a sequel, but the project never materialized.

Impulse is the third book in the Jumper series and follows a young teenage girl named Henry Coles. Henry discovers she has powers behind her comprehension. Here is the synopsis of Youtube Red’s Impulse:

A young woman finds she has the extraordinary power of teleportation.

The trailer begins on a cold winter night as the main character, Henry; a 16-year-old girl walks a dark and deserted road. A voiceover says “I told you to stop and you didn’t stop.”

Henry is the outsider, new girl in town. An array of scenes are shown depicting a plethora of characters. Henry is shown back on the deserted road, disrobing her clothes. The voiceover suggests finding other outlets. A classroom is depicted showing the class experiencing a tremor as the teacher’s nameplate on their desk vibrates itself to the edge.

The voiceover explains Henry’s father isn’t who she thinks he is. Henry is shown trying to break free of a chained door. The next moment, Henry is discovered on the ground screaming. A cluster of scenes shows a car running off the road.  Henry being stuffed into a car trunk. Finally, another scene where Henry is disclosing to a friend that she can’t account for lost time.

A final scene shows Henry on top of a cliff with a friend overlooking a lake deep below. As Henry leaps down to the lake, her friend screams her name in horror. Henry crashes into the lake and is motionless until she awakes in a splash of water landing back in her room. Henry sits up breathing in massive shock trying to comprehend how she just teleported back to her room.

Impulse stars  Maddie Hasson as Henry Cole, Craig Arnold as Lucas Boone, Genevieve Kang as Patty Yang, Callum Keith Rennie as Nikolai,  Gordon Harper as Amos Miller, and  Dylan Trowbridge as Matthew.

Rounding out the cast are Missi Pyle, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig and David James Elliott. Lauren LeFranc who has also worked on shows such as Chuck and Marvel’s Agents of Shield will be the series showrunner.

Impulse is slated to premiere this summer on Youtube Red.

Watch The Trailer For Youtube Red’s Impulse:

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  1. Jose Chupacabra

    June 10, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    The biggest issue with Youtube Red’s Impulse is the piss poor audio editing. Insanely loud bursts of music mixed in with inaudible dialog.

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