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Justin Bieber might be changing directions to release Christian album

As long as you love Christ

Justin Bieber has found his purpose.

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber may be heading in a new direction with his next album.

The singer has been seen regularly attending church alongside his rumored girlfriend, singer Selena Gomez, and it is being reported that the church music is influencing the direction in which Bieber is looking to head for his next album.

Though the allusions to religion were subtle on his last album Purpose, he is looking to have a more religious presence on his future work.

According to, a source said,

“Justin is on the lookout for songs which really reflect where he is in his life in terms of spirituality. He has always been religious but the last two years have seen him grow closer to the Hillsong Church and it has changed his entire life. He has a totally different outlook now.”

After his string on cancelled tour dates for his global Purpose tour due to exhaustion, the singer found solace in the church and has used it as a source of grounding in the chaotic world he has found himself in.

The source continued,

“His time with the church has revitalized him and although he is working with a lot of the same people who helped to make his last album, Purpose, he is reshaping his sound so it is more in line with the church’s values and beliefs. There are key themes of love and redemption in the tracks he has ­created so far. It will certainly ­surprise some fans.”

At this time, there has been no confirmation or comment from Justin Bieber or his camp on the status or tone of his next album. The singer has been keeping a relatively low profile since the tour date cancellation last year.

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