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Recap: Jessica Jones Episode Four “AKA God Help The Hobo”

The fight continues

Jessica Jones‘ investigation leads her to a hobo.

After a disastrous first Anger Management court-ordered session, hot-headed Jessica returns to her Alias office where she discovers her perpetrator, who had previously thrown her across the room like a ragdoll, is wearing a wig.

When Oscar’s son sneaks into Jessica’s office, to escape the insistent arguing of his separated parents, his fascination with Jessica powers causes a big problem. When the boy wants to see if Jessica can fly by hanging precariously on the ledge of her window, he nearly has a fatal accident. Lucky for him Jessica has fast reflexes. However, this doesn’t stop Oscar and his bitter ex-wife from taking out their anger on Jessica.

Across town, Hogarth is so preoccupied with ALS treatment research that she tells Cheng she is dropping his case. When Cheng informs Hogarth he has hired a new firm, she advises him he is wasting his time. Cheng tells Hogarth she has lost her edge and leaves disappointed in her.

After Jessica apologizes to Trish for putting a target on her back for the paparazzi to harass her, they make up and Trish helps her investigate the wig-wearing suspect. Trish, who wore a wig as her popular character, Patsy, always dealt with an old and cantankerous woman, named Sally. Sally had the highest regarded wig store in the city. They go to Trish’s disgruntled colleague’s storefront to see if they can dig up some intel on the wig-wearing assailant. Sally is hesitant to tell them anything because of previous work relationship with the bratty teenage Trish when she worked on the Patsy show. Sally eventually tells them that a sickly woman came in and had bought a wig, no questions asked.

Later when Trish tells Jessica about her failed plan to blackmail shady director, Max, over what he had done with her when she was a child, Jessica comes up with a new plan to stick it to Max. The two once again revisit the set and meet with Max’s new leading actress in his upcoming film. The young starlet is told just how sick and twisted Max is. The young actress walks off the set and quits his film.

Jessica and Trish confront a furious Max as Jessica demands he makes the call to Metro General about IGH. When he refuses again, Jessica lobs the director onto the hood of his luxurious car and puts her fist through the hood of the car after she makes him confess to being a pedophile. Even Jessica is shaken by her actions.

That night, Hogarth calls Jessica to see if she has unearthed any information on her higher-ups trying to force her out. Hogarth is desperate to find anything that might help her save her position at the firm. When Oscar drops by to apologize and offer a peace offering (alcohol) he thanks Jessica for saving his son’s life. Oscar tells Jessica the eviction notice has been torn up and not to worry about it. The two have a heart to heart over drinks that quickly turns into a steamy makeout session, but when Jessica wants to take it further, Oscar is hesitant and the two share an awkward goodbye.

At Trish’s place, Griffin continues to steal information regarding IGH right from under Trish’s nose. Speaking of stealing, Malcolm is offered a job by Cheng. Malcolm refuses but shows a glimmer of remorse. This however finally gives Malcolm enough moxie to demand Jessica treat him like something other than a little brother. Malcolm set his pay and demands to be treated as an equal. An impressed Jessica agrees to all his demands.

With Jessica having a possible lead on her wig-wearing perp, Trish accompanies her, armed with a modified taser they had confiscated from Simpson’s bag. The two go to a homeless encampment to ask around for the name of the perp, Inez Green. They track the perp to an abandoned building where Jessica is attacked. Trish reacts by shooting the assailant with the taser. The attacker ends up being the wrong woman.

Concurrently, a mysterious figure is seen snooping around Alias Investigations. The burglar steals Jessica’s files and quickly exits. Malcolm enters the office with a random hookup only to see the burglar has stolen all of Jessica’s files. Trish and Jessica interrogate the hobo woman who tells them the mysterious wigged woman they are chasing is insane. The hobo woman explains she was a nurse at IGH. The woman that they are after was a patient that she and a fellow nurse were charged with taking care of.

That until the patient brutally murdered the other nurse and left the hobo woman with horrible scars. The homeless woman divulges the patient is pure evil, an experiment gone horribly wrong. At the same time as this revelation, another is revealed. The burglar is who broke into Alias Investigations is working for Cheng. As Cheng is talking to him, the perpetrator Jessica is after corners the burglar in his van and savagely rips him apart.

Assuming its Jessica, Cheng calls the cops. Jessica is wrongly accused of murder and arrested. Trish tries to help by striking an officer but is also arrested. This leaves their one source of information, the hobo woman, to fend for herself with the perpetrator still at large.

A pretty decent episode that reveals more about the mysterious woman from IGH. Trish secretly sampling Simpson’s IGH super-human inhaler is making her more of risk to herself and Jessica’s investigation.

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