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Seahawks Release QB Boykin After Abuse Allegations

Clean it up, dude

It’s lonely for Russell Wilson in the quarterback room in Seattle, backup Trevone Boykin has been released, and with good reason. Boykin’s girlfriend Shabrika Bailey has alleged that Boykin choked her and broke her jaw in two places during a recent dispute at his home in Mansfield, Texas.

Boykin has denied the allegations and released the following in a statement:

“I understand the Seahawks’ decision to release me. The story that was reported casts a bad light on the organization and on me. I want to be clear that the story is false. The police have taken statements from the accuser, another witness and me. All of these statements confirm that I was not involved in the physical altercation. This woman has lied about me and it has cost me my job. I know guilt by association is real. This person has fabricated a story and I am suffering the consequences. I will let the legal system run its course and I know I will be vindicated.”

Boykin has had his share of trouble since his senior season at TCU, when he was arrested for hitting a police officer before TCU’s bowl game against Oregon, and later faced charges for public intoxication and marijuana possession after riding in a car that crashed into a Dallas bar. Bailey claims that she was driving the car and lost control because Boykin assaulted her, which turned out to be false, and the charges against him were dropped.

If the allegations are true, Boykin deserves to be punished beyond losing every dude’s dream job (and salary). Professional leagues have done well to punish players for their involvement in domestic issues such as this, including Steven Wright‘s suspension by Major League Baseball for his domestic incident earlier this year. It can’t be tolerated, and it isn’t being tolerated.

But if Bailey is lying again, it’ll be an unfortunate event and, like Boykin said himself, a lesson in guilt by association. Clean up your inner circle, and it’ll pay off in the long run.

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