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Watch: Metallica saddles up performing ‘The Four Horsemen’ in Hamburg

Saddle up.

After 35 years, Metallica shows they can still bring their A game on old material

Since the band’s inception in 1981 Metallica have never slowed down or given anything less than 110% when performing live. This ethic is very present to this day, especially in the band’s recent performance of their 1983 classic “The Four Horsemen” in Hamburg, Germany on March 29.

Metallica is currently on an extensive tour of the world in support of their 2016 release Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.

Despite heavily promoting the new material though, they are not afraid to give the fans what they really want by showcasing the old stuff as well.

In this performance of “The Four Horsemen” Metallica shows that they are not just being a jukebox and that they still actually have fun with and passion for the stuff that gave them their start.

“The Four Horsemen” is one of the fan favorite classics from Metallica’s 1983 studio debut Kill ’em All (or as they originally wanted to title it Metal Up Your Ass).

Originally it had an entirely different name, set of lyrics, and was played at a faster tempo. It had been known as “The Mechanix”, which original lead guitarist and now Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine wrote and then recorded his own version of on Megadeth’s debut Killing is My Business… and Business is Good!.

When Mustaine was fired Metallica rewrote the lyrics, gave it a different name, rearranged the song, and slowed things down a bit to make it sound a bit more dark and menacing.

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Watch: Metallica The Four Horsemen Hamburg, Germany – 2018

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