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Babymetal teases new cryptic ‘Metal Resistance’ video

The metal resistance starts now.

Babymetal teases the beginning of the new “Metal Resistance” in cryptic video

Japanese teenage girl heavy metal meets J-pop sensation Babymetal is no stranger to doing things for publicity that many find to be rather enigmatic and perplexing. Their newest video is certainly no exception to this.

In the band’s new video titled “Metal Resistance Episode VII: -The Revelation-” the band puts text up that brags of a new era being about to begin, saying:

“Babymetal transcends dimensions of time and space. As well as the body and mind, as it is a legend about the CHOSEN ONE with a metal spirit, who travels across the metal galaxies.

The metal spirit within the CHOSEN ONE is born again, rises again, and again, and again.

The power of believing oneself, the power of believing others, the power of light, and the power of darkness all combine to become a radiating light to illuminate the void, and when they all gather together as THE ONE, the CHOSEN ONE becomes the guiding light.

The guiding light delivers itself with us through sacred songs from the universe and heavens.

This is the myth known as the METAL RESISTANCE.”

While the text is appearing on the screen, a strange voice over plays, saying:

“Light and darkness. Both are considered to be opposites but at the same time, one cannot exist without the other. Until now, we have only experienced the light side – the legend of three metal spirits.

An unknown dark side also exists. A legend of seven metal spirits – The Chosen Seven. A new era is about to begin.”

At this point it is uncertain what exactly is meant by all of this, but from the sounds of it, it could be something monumental for the band.

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Watch: Babymetal Metal Resistance Episode VII -The Revelation-

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