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Kodak Black uses jail time to rap verses over the phone

This rap is a collect call from…

Kodak Black is rapping collect.

Not even being incarcerated can hold back rapper Kodak Black.

XXL Mag reports that producer Dyryk wrote on Instagram,

“@kodakblack Recorded a couple verses over the phone yesterday got me ready. About to smack all of ya’ll with another Stay Tuned.”

Dyryk has worked with Kodak Black previously on his 2017 mixtape Project Baby 2. He produced the tracks “First Day Out” and “Reminiscing.”

However, this type of determination to create new content despite his position should not come as a surprise to fans. After all, the rapper released his album Heartbreak Kodak shortly after his arrest back in January.

Kodak Black was arrested in January after the authorities were alerted to a large number of people smoking marijuana and holding handguns around his young son via an Instagram Live Feed.

They raided his Florida home and found 95 grams of marijuana, though his attorney argued that there was no proof that the drugs or handguns belonged to Kodak.

Though the State of Florida dropped the charges for “possession of a weapon or ammunition by a delinquent, grand theft of a firearm, and child neglect,” he still remains behind bars for the 95 grams of weed that were found in his home.

He continues to be held without bond pending his upcoming court date in May.

But it’s not all bad. In addition to continuing his work, Kodak Black was also granted access to a tutor in order to pass his GED test.

He was also requesting access to a computer in order to study for the exam, but there has been no word as of yet if the judge has allowed that.

There is no further information on what form of release the phone raps will take, whether it be a full album or rather a mixtape, or when it will be released.

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