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New Project mashes up Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre

A mashup of dreams

Get ready for a Kendrick Lamar and Dr. Dre mashup.

Rap icon Dr. Dre and icon-in-the-making Kendrick Lamar are getting the mash up treatment.

Back in November of 2017, DJ Critical Hype tweeted out that he would be mashing up Kendrick’s DAMN. with Dre’s cultural shifting album The Chronic. 

Now, the DJ has released the 23 track mixtape entitled The Damn. Chronic. XXL Mag reports that the mixtape starts out with a bang by blending Eminem’s “My Name Is” and Kendrick’s self-titled “Kendrick Lamar.” The two songs oddly work together and compliment each other when blended in this way.

Other mashed up tracks include “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” and “Forgot About Dre,” Kendrick’s “Faith” with Dre’s “Xxplosive” as well as 50 Cent’s “Heat” with Kendrick’s verse from Beyonce’s track “Freedom.”

Listening to the mixtape makes it easy to forget that each track is a mash-up rather than an original. The combinations are seamless and lack any hard edges. It brings a new depth to the original material as well seeing as most of the tracks shouldn’t work together, but they do.

DJ Critical told Pigeons & Planes,

“A lot of the tempos actually didn’t mix well. I’m really happy with the results, though. All the hard work and dedication to this project paid off.”

In addition to taking their songs and breathing new life into them, DJ Critical enlisted designer Ian Klarer to create the unique cover that takes Kendrick’s DAMN. album cover photo and places it inside the frame of Dre’s Chronic. It mixes the old with the new beautifully.

This is not the first time that DJ Critical has taken the work of two artists and made something extraordinary. The DJ released Chance the Dropout last year that married the work of Chicago rap stars Chance the Rapper and Kanye West. That mixtape was met with success and it’s very likely that The Damn. Chronic will be met with the same enthusiasm.

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