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Recap: Jessica Jones Episode Five “AKA The Octopus”

The problems of one, are the problems of many.

Jessica’s investigation has landed her in jail while the mysterious IGH patient is still on the loose.

Jessica Jones Season 2 finally begins to find its footing with episode five, the Octopus. When Jessica is falsely accused of murdering a man (an associate of Cheng’s who broke in Alias Investigation in the previous episode.) she has to seek out the aid of Hogarth to get her out. Jessica is revealed not to be the murderer but continues to be held for withholding information from the detectives. Elsewhere, the mysterious IGH patient is outside where she made a firepit and burns all of the IGH files Cheng’s associates had stolen. Along with the files, she burns all of her bloody garments as well.

At Trish’s, Trish is violently ill. Her mother, Dorothy, however, is there to care for her. Trish is shocked to discover she has lost an entire day from being sick (the sickness most likely brought on by sampling Simpson’s super inhaler.) When Trish exclaims she has to check in on Jessica,  Dorothy tells Trish to not worry about her. She’s a murderer that has only ever brought Trish down. Dorothy quickly changes the subject and informs Trish she needs to get ready because she is scheduled to be interviewed by a prominent news station.

Back in jail, Jessica, while chained, is permitted to make a phone call. She calls Malcolm. Jessica is shocked to learn that all of her files regarding IGH have been stolen. She gives Malcolm the task of interrogating the hobo girl, Inez Green; she had brought home in hopes of finding out more info regarding IGH. Malcolm is in charge of Alias Investigation while Jessica is locked up.

Otherwhere, the mysterious IGH patient is in what is presumed to be her home. A nice and well-kept household in what appears to be a very safe and unassuming neighborhood. When the patient sits down to play piano, her music garners the attention of a kindly neighbor whose child is soothed by the sound. When the neighbor is invited to the house, the patient resumes playing until the baby starts to sob again. This causes the patient to lose focus quickly, and her sweet and soothing melody is disrupted. The patient violently begins to pound the piano until she puts her fists through it. The neighbor and her infant run out of the house as the Patient looks on at the havoc she has caused. The piano is in pieces.

Concurrently at the jail, Hogarth, and Jessica once again meet with the detectives regarding her case. Jessica makes a statement regarding the IGH suspect. On her phone is an image of the mysterious IGH patient. Jessica explains to the detectives that IGH has been illegally performing experiments and unsuspecting people such as herself.  At Alias Investigations, Malcolm interrogates Inez. But, Inez is scared to death to say anything. Eventually, Malcolm is able to persuade her into talking.

After debriefing, the detectives decide they can no longer hold Jessica. The detectives can’t conclude anything because of the IGH patient being off the grid. Before Jessica leaves, one of the detectives pulls her off to the side and says he wants to work with her on this case. When Jessica asks why the detective tells her he remembers what she did. When Kilgrave made everyone in the station hold a gun to their head, he had nightmares every night after that ordeal. Until Jessica killed Kilgrave, he sees Jessica as a hero.

While outside, Jessica asks Hogarth if she can stash Inez at her apartment. Jessica explains she is the key to finding out who this mysterious IGH woman is. Despite a moment of hesitation, Hogarth agrees to help. Cheng comes screaming around the corner rushing towards Jessica exclaiming, “They Let You Out?!?” Cheng calls Jessica a killer and blames Hogarth for helping her get out. Jessica retorts that while Cheng has his head up his ass, she will be doing everything she can to find the real killer.

Upon her return to Alias Investigations, Jessica discovers an innocent man, David, is doing time for one of IGH patient’s murders. While Jessica has Malcolm take Inez to Hogarth, she visits Oscar and asks him to make her a fake I.D. and forge some documents so she can get into a psych ward where David is being held. At that moment Griffin calls Jessica and tells her Trish requires her presence immediately. When Dorothy arrives at an elegant dinner party with Trish, Dorothy reveals to her that the interview was a ruse to get her there for a proposal party. All of her family and friends are there with decorative string lights and an indie guitar player singing a melodic song.

When Jessica barges in, she is just as surprised to see the proposal party. Sadly, Griffin’s plan backfires, and Trish says no. She says there is something really wrong when she is more disappointed that it wasn’t a job interview that she was excited at the prospect of getting married. At Hogarth’s apartment, Inez is held up at her high rise apartment. Hogarth begins to grill her about the IGH experiments and the applications that come from it, possibly looking for a cure for her ALS.

Later, Jessica visits the psych ward to gain access to David via her fake I.D. thanks to Oscar. She visits the portly man who is in a high-security cell. The large man is suffering from a mental handicap; he has the mentality of a 10-year-old. He informs Jessica that he used to work at the hospital as a janitor. David liked a girl who worked there, but she didn’t feel the same way. He explains that he accidentally killed her by bearhugging her to death. Jessica deduces that the way David is speaking he is hiding something possibly even covering for someone else.

Jessica asks what David is drawing in his artbook. David says, Dr. Karl Malus, taught him everything he knows about Octopus. He would go to the Aquarium, and he and Dr. Karl would always stare in amazement at the Octopus exhibit. Jessica requests David to draw her a picture of him and Dr. Karl at the Aquarium. Back at Trish’s apartment, Dorothy is furious with her for rejecting Griffin’s proposal. Dorothy accuses Trish of always being a spoiled brat who was never worth anything. Trish has enough and lays a thunderous slap across Dorothy’s face. Dorothy leaves the apartment shocked. Trish is left crying and not able to believe what she has just done. She turns to Simpson’s bag and reaches for his super inhaler. Clearly, Trish is starting to show signs of addiction with the inhaler.

At the Aquarium, Jessica is looking is waiting for Dr. Karl to make his routine visit to the Octopus Exhibit. When she notices him, she is about to approach him until a mysterious woman grabs the doctor away and pulls him in for a kiss. When Dr. Karl turns around, he recognizes Jessica and calls her out by name. The mysterious woman Dr. Karl is with reveals herself to be the IGH patient Jessica has been tracking! The IGH patient glares at Jessica before. She shatters the glass housing the octopus display sending a wave of water splashing onto the aquarium floor. This causes panic as a herd of people run for the exits and the IGH patient once again escapes.

Slowly but surely more insight is finally being shed on the crazed IGH patient. But more interesting is Trish’s continued addiction to the super inhaler. Also, its possible Hogarth might be only helping Inez to get a potential cure for her ALS through IGH treatments. So far this season, IGH is not only affecting Jessica personally, but it is wrapping its arms around everyone involved in Jessica’s life, like an octopus.

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