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Stone Sour embraces their country side in ‘St. Marie’ video

‘Here come the broken hearts’

Stone Sour is hitting the road to seek redemption in their newly-released music video for ‘St. Marie’

The alt-rockers who make up Stone Sour have been consistently delivering new singles, and music video’s left and right to keep up their relevant stance.

Now taking most by surprise, the boy’s drop the visuals for “St. Marie,” a track that come’s straight off of their sixth studio album, Hydrograd, which issued last June.

The song which was written by the group as a whole, isn’t at all like a handful of their past tracks. In fact it oozes country vibes entirely, swaying the band away from their usual metal-rock style confinement.

However, it’s clear that Hydrograd was a more traditional album, offering a little bit of everything into the mix for both new and old fans.

It definitely showcase’s the versatility that the crew enables, ranging from soft wails to aggressive screams, then of course they create the traditionally pleasing “St. Marie,” which really made a bold statement, on behalf of Stone Sour.

On speaking about the track in an interview with Billboard, front-man Corey Taylor said:

“I write a lot of stuff on acoustic (guitar) and then try it out on electric and see if it works. But there’s always been a style I haven’t really been able to show with Stone Sour, which…call it what it is, a country side,” he explains.

“With this song it was just so special. If felt so kind of good to get our inner Eagles on that. We were really, like, “There’s no way we can’t do this song.” It was such a great departure from the usual slower stuff we’d done. It just felt really good to just dig our teeth into it.”

The Mark Klasfeld directed presentation in “St. Marie,” take’s viewer’s on a southwestern wanderlust through a ghost town alongside a dusty roadside lane.

Through all the highs and lows, the band members are seen restlessly searching for the perfect resting place to spread a friend’s ashes, and in return find peace within one’s self.

Taylor talks a little bit about the idea behind the visuals for the video stating:

“It’s a journey, trying to find redemption in a place where maybe there is none to find.

There’s a lot of judgment in the video that is kind of being resolved in the end by the fact we all end up at the same place in our lives, no matter what, so it’s best to just let go of that resentment and find our way happily instead of morosely, I guess,” he said.

“It really came down to our director (Marc Klasfeld), casting it. They all did a really good job of putting it together and filming it. It really has that old school ’70s look as far as the colors and the scenery.

It was a lot of fun to be able to play with that and it was cool and everybody involved…It was a good time and we were really able to embrace that.”

Pleased with the outcome, even fans are finding beauty in the gloomy melancholy travelogue, even though it give’s off a completely different taste then what they are used to hearing from the five-some.

Stone Sour will once again find themselves on the road starting at the end of this month, and all the way into November, for a co-headlining tour alongside The Bronx, Palaye Royale and ’68, from there they will perform at various festivals, before they team up with Ozzy Osbourne in support of his “No More Tours 2,” tour, which is set to take off later this year.

All stops, tickets, and latest updates can be found on the band’s official website here.

Fans can also keep their eyes peeled for Stone Sour’s acoustic vinyl EP named Hydrograd Acoustic Sessions, out April 21 in celebration of Record Store Day.

Keep up with music at Salute.

Watch: Stone Sour St. Marie 

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