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14 Killed in Junior Hockey Bus Crash in Canada


While en route to a playoff game, the junior hockey team from Humboldt, Saskatchewan suffered unspeakable tragedy. The bus they were traveling in was involved in a crash with a truck on highway 335. Of the 29 on board, 14 were killed, 15 were injured and brought to area hospitals.

Humboldt is a small community of about 6,000 people, the town is understandably devastated by the accident.

“It’s overwhelming. It’s been tough on everybody,” Humboldt Mayor Rob Muench said in an interview. “We’re a small community, some of those kids have been on the team for a number of years. A lot grew up in the community and everybody knows each other.”

Those in charge will discuss how to proceed with the playoff tournament in which Humboldt was playing, but nobody will forget this tragedy soon. It’s just another example of how sports, despite their unifying power and entertainment value, often take the backseat. There are simply things more important than sports.

With hockey being what it is in Canada, the games will likely go on, but athletes have used their platform, big or small, to honor victims of tragedies such as this, and this will certainly be no different. Right now is the time for mourning, but seeing the healing for these families will be a beautiful thing.

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