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6ix9ine is closing down his music career for retirement this year 

Goodbye to 6ix9ine??

Is 6ix9ine really calling it quits?

Finally finding himself on a steady path in the music industry, it’s hard to believe that Brooklyn rapper Tekashi 6IX9INE is ready to throw in the towel in terms of his short-lived career as a monopolizing rapper in the last five months.

The breaking news spread like wildfire across social media when 6ix9ine turned to Instagram to confront fans with a concerning farewell message regarding his upcoming plans sometime this year to officially retire, accompanying with a picture of himself standing amidst a bustling New York City street captioned saying:

“Ima quit rapping this year. I accomplished everything I dreamed of in 5 months.”

Of course, most are dropping assumptions that this is some kind of publicity stunt to be some kind of April fool’s ‘joke,’ but with all games aside, the 21-year-old rapper seems to be dead serious and stands by his words.

It’s strange to think about when just 24 hours prior, 6ix9ine was basking in his glory in celebration of his fast-spiraling success and calling out all the killjoys’  who downplayed his music from the start.

Currently, the rapper hold’s two RIAA certification plaques to his name, earning platinum status for his debut track “GUMMO,” as his follow-up single “KOODA,” seeps in all gold.

Atop of that “GUMMO,” became a chart-topping song ranking at No. 12 on Billboard 100 while his debut mixtape, Day69, peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 album charts.

This proves that 6ix9ine has everything it takes and more to rival up against some of the meanest rap veterans in the scene, out-beating them in records’ in all directions.

There’s no telling why he’s suddenly scraping everything aside for retirement, but soon enough answers will surface.

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