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Listen: Quavo teams up with Ryan Destiny in ‘Lifetime’

One time for the grind.

Quavo and Ryan Destiny create a dynamic duo for their newly-released catchy pop song “Lifetime”

Breaking out of the recording studio Quavo teases an early guest appearance alongside actress Ryan Destiny, who plays a leading role in FOX’s hit series Star as a sneak peek into an upcoming episode featuring the Georgia bred rapper.

The episode is to broadcast tomorrow night, April 11.

As the drama sizzles up in season 2 of Star, so does the music, the network recently dropped a lyric video for the newly-released pop-styled track titled “Lifetime,” featuring Quavo singing beside Destiny.

The collaboration unfolds so does the catchy beat.

The duo are seen belting out lyrics left and right into the studio mics, surrounded by led lights and a burgundy colored wall.

It crafts the perfect mix of a sultry intimate experience that balances out the best of both artists.

Although the track sways into a more ‘poppy’ sound fitting for the show, it also throws in a pinch of R&B zest, as Quavo stays partly true to his signature roots.

“I paid all my bills for a lifetime/Shorty said she loves me for a lifetime / I went to the jeweler, told ’em ‘Ice mine’ / So I can stand outside and be your sunshine,” raps Quavo giving a fleeting look back at Destiny.

“One time for the grind, for the time/You give your whole life just to see the bright lights / With the shine comes the shade / With the love comes the hate,” chimes in Destiny with her powerful vocals.

“Lifetime,” is currently available for download as of now via Republic Records, and don’t forget to catch Quavo in the upcoming episode of Star, where he will take on the role of a fictional character much like himself.

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Watch: STAR ft. Quavo and Ryan Destiny Lifetime (Lyric Video)

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