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Latin rapper Farruko accused of hiding $52K in his shoes

Undeclared money in his shoes and luggage

Photo: Instagram @farrukooffical

The popular Puerto Rican reggaetón singer Farruko has been accused of hiding $52,000 of undeclared cash in his luggage and his shoes by U.S officials, upon his arrival to U.S territory from a performance in the Dominican Republic.

According to the U.S Attorney’s Office, the charges include failing to address transporting more than $10,000 in monetary instruments and bulk cash smuggling into the United States. The rapper was detained at the Isla Grande Airport after being searched by airport officals. He was later let go until Tuesday when an official warrant was placed for his arrest. Farruko was arrested in his parent’s house in the northern city of Bayamon Puerto Rico.

Following a court appearance on Wednesday the reggaetón rapper was released on a $100,000 bond, upon his release, he gave a statement to anxious reporters who were waiting outside to hear what the artist had to say,

“There’s nothing to hide here, I was tired.”

As of right now the artist will be placed under house arrest in his Miami residence, if convicted he  could face a maximum fine of $250,000, five years in prison or both.

Farruko’s world tour is set to kick-off April 19 at Mexico City’s World Trade Center and will continue through Peru, Canada, and the United States. Additionally, he is scheduled for a concert on May 16th at NYC’s Playstation Theater.

Farruko’s camp has yet to comment on the incident. However, the “Krispy Kush” singer did take to his Instagram account to make an official statement directly to his fans. He posted a one-minute video clip thanking his fans for their support and thanking the prisoners who were by his side, encouraging him during this process, the video was accompanied by a caption that reads:

“Today begins another stage in my life thanks for your prayers at least because it is in my home and not in jail, but I am thankful to God, my family, my friends and fans for their prayers I think it has been exaggerated a bit the process because I’m an artist but nothing that is what God wants he does not judge. I appreciate the benefit of the doubt anyone deserves. We continue forward positive as always.”

The arrest did come as a surprise to many fans as he is one of the few reggaetón singers who has been adamant about remaining out of the limelight in a negative manner. Farruko is known for creating reggaetón and Latin trap music that is heavy in sexual content and even heavier in explicate curse words- music any Latino would be too embarrassed to play around their parents especially around their abuela.

There is something about playing trap music around abuela’s that just seems so- wrong. Their eye’s get really big or they might squint and there’s that feeling of “oh my God, did abuela hear that?!” every time a sexual reference is mentioned. Yet once the music stops playing they will judge the entire song and meaning behind it, all while providing a life lesson that seems pretty irrelevant at the time but will somehow make sense down the line.

Farruko is due to appear back in court later this month for a final sentencing.

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