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Jane’s Addiction’s Dave Navarro considered suicide

It’s ok to reach for help.

Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro used to consider suicide an option to ending his problems

Suicide seems to be an unfortunately rising occurrence these days, especially in the world of rock n’ roll. Having lost both iconic singers Soundgarden‘s Chris Cornell and Linkin Park‘s Chester Bennington in such a short space of time definitely illustrates that. Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro almost joined them for a while.

In a recent interview with Yahoo before Above Ground, a big names gig that he put together to raise awareness for mental health struggles as well as suicide prevention, Navarro opened up about how mental health struggles have plagued him for most of his life, saying:

“Suicide has been a viable option in my past. We have lost a lot of friends this year, due to mental health issues.

Going to Chris Cornell’s funeral and seeing Chester Bennington sing a beautiful song for his friend, and then [Chester] taking his life, really had a massive impact on me.

I couldn’t help but be brought back to the times when I had felt that lonely, that desperate, that suicidal. I just want to let people know that there are options out there. [Suicide] isn’t the final answer. It’s OK to reach out for help.”

Above Ground will be happening at the Belasco Theater in LA on April 16.

The star studded event will feature the talents of Courtney Love, Billy Idol, Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor, as well as appearances from other special guests who will be giving a once in a lifetime performance of Adam & the Ants’ classic album Kings of the Wild Frontier and The Velvet Underground’s iconic LP The Velvet Underground & Nico albums in their entirety.

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