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‘Atlanta’ has Drake inspired episode, without Drake

“Champagne Papi” minus Papi

Where in the world is Drake?

On this week’s episode of FX’s smash hit series Atlanta, Drake was throwing a party that he wasn’t even at!

The episode, titled “Champagne Papi,” saw Zazie Beetz’s character Van heading with her friends over to a New Year’s Eve party at Drake’s mansion in the hopes of achieving one of the most impressive feats of the social media age: a selfie with Champagne Papi himself.

It also may or may not be an attempt at making Earn, played brilliantly by Donald Glover, jealous of her moving on without him.

Throughout the episode, viewers are lead to believe that a cameo from the “God’s Plan” singer is imminent.

Van arrives at the mansion and goes through the standard protocol for gaining access to the circle of exclusivity that is reserved for such Hollywood parties.

Once in, as the New York Times points out, it’s a bevy of rap video cliches.

Director Amy Seimetz created the scene where “women bop in bikinis and frolic in front of an oversized fireplace — there’s even a slo-mo shot of a woman riding a mechanical bull.”

Van and her friends had an “every woman for herself” mentality that has them scattered around the party.

Van knows that she needed to get the photo with Drake and was on a mission. When she stumbled upon his bedroom, a Muzak version of “Passionfruit” can be heard playing.

It’s at the point of her snooping that she realizes, as well as the audience, that Drake is not in fact at the party. Viewers were made to believe that the episode featured the man himself and it was merely an illusion.

As the episode comes to a close, a Spanish-language version of “Hotline Bling” plays.

Drake himself has yet to make a comment about the episode, however, writer Ibra Ake did.

“Nice For What” is Drake’s latest single. If the tweet is true, it would be a genius marketing strategy on Drake’s part to use the popular television series as a tool.

Atlanta airs on FX Thursday nights at 9 pm EST.

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