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Fendi x Net-a-Porter: a reinvention of the iconic logo

A new form of branding

Photo: Instagram @netaporter

The iconic Italian label Fendi has teamed up with luxury online retailer Net-a-Porter to launch the FF Capsule Collection. The collection is said to be Fendi’s form of reinventing their logo in hopes of having the new items appeal to the younger generation.

The original logo was designed in 1965 by Karl Lagerfeld, with the purpose of creating a timeless representation of the brand. However, for this collection, Lagerfeld has removed the boxing around the logo giving it a more modern, contemporary feel.

The capsule will present 37- monogrammed pieces in neutral classic hues. Featuring loose fitting bomber jackets, overly printed sweaters and T-shirts, tailored power dresses, longer skirts in tighter silhouettes, comfortable slippers that scream Fendi, sneakers with a trendy vibe, double-denim jackets that feel fresh to the brand, versatile sandals, simple boots, and classic Fendi swimwear with strategically placed printed logo.

Additionally, the assortment featured numerous different handbags with monogrammed areas that keep the collection cohesive.

The collection will be exclusive to Net-a-Porter for one month starting April 13th and will officially launch on May 14th for the rest of the year.

Even though the collection does feel a bit “been there, done that” there is something modern to it that brings the classic Fendi into perspective and gives the new generation a peek into what distinguishes the iconic label from other luxury brands.

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