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REVIEW: Skillet’s Jen Ledger roars pure strength in ‘LEDGER’

I’ll go on fighting, while there’s breath in my lungs.

Jen Ledger shows she has a lot to say in her own way in her debut solo EP LEDGER

Skillet drummer and vocalist Jen Ledger has been in the public eye for the past 10 years, ever since she joined the band and was skyrocketed to stardom at the remarkably young age of 18. After all this time however, Ledger has decided it is time to make her own musical statement in her debut solo EP LEDGER.

Work on LEDGER actually began back in 2012 with help writing from Skillet band mate Korey Cooper. When Ledger got more into it, her band mate John Cooper and producer Seth Mosely helped her produce and put the record together.

LEDGER while still having some of that speaker pounding, cranked to 11 rock n’ roll gusto that Ledger has become associated with is actually a noticeable departure from the hard rock/heavy metal Skillet sound in that there is a great deal more pop flavor to the overall sound.

The first single “Not Dead Yet” is without a single shadow of a doubt the anthem of the record. This is a song that is undeniably close to Jen’s heart and will be to the downtrodden who also fight with all their might against anxiety or anything else that tears them down.

The song is very much a balance between hard rock as well as modern pop. Many of the vocal runs and melodies are pop oriented, though it is difficult to ignore the booming rhythms and crunch of an electric guitar giving it the edge that it needs.

For those who are hoping for an appearance from any of the other members of Skillet, they will not be disappointed. Front man John Cooper provides a verse and backing vocals to the EP’s second track, the self-affirming strength exuding “Warrior”.

There is some serious guitar riffage going on, and Cooper sounds completely unhinged and not held back. Ledger of course struts plenty of her own stuff as well in this other anthemic song. This is easily a song that could be sung along to in an arena.

The most tender moment on LEDGER however is most certainly “Ruins”. This soft, piano driven ballad of heartbreak is Jen at her most vulnerable and open. There is an overwhelming amount of melancholy just bursting through and it is difficult to not feel the overwhelming sensation of pain and ruin she is describing.

LEDGER is a record that many will connect to. The fact that it is written and performed with such intense, fiery passion is what makes it as special as it is. It’s easy to tell that Jen means every last word of what she is singing, and that along with the message of hope being professed will be what truly resonates with anyone who gives the EP a listen.

Rating: 4.25/5

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Listen: Jen Ledger LEDGER

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