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Lady Gaga comments on Cardi B’s “Bad Romance” cover

Blood shoes, bad romance

Lady Gaga is feeling Cardi B’s cover.

With the release of her debut album Invasion of Privacy, fans are finding out more and more about Cardi B. First, that she’s pregnant with her first child with fiance Offset, that she is a member of the Bloods gang and now that she is one serious Lady Gaga fan.

When someone like Cardi B has a meteoric rise to fame in the blink of an eye, it’s common that vintage footage will surface. Such was the case when a Twitter user uploaded a video of the “Drip” rapper from 2008 where she’s singing “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

The tweet caught everyone’s attention including Lady Gaga herself. The eccentric singer replied back with “I live!”

But the praise didn’t stop there. In addition to her living for the throwback homage to Lady Gaga, another account tweeted that they were jamming to Invasion of Privacy which lead Gaga to quote lyrics from the album.

Of course, this likely had Cardi B. in a tizzy as she had told Billboard that if there was any pop star that she would like to collaborate with, it would be the “Bad Romance” singer.

“If I could ever collaborate with somebody I would love collaborating with one of my idols. Definitely gotta be Lady Gaga. I wanna let you know that I love you, bitch!”

She went on to say that she went on to say that she went to school for musical theater and technology. She referenced the performance of “Bad Romance” during her senior year talent show, which likely lead fans to seek out video evidence.

This could very well lead to a collaboration between Cardi B. and Lady Gaga. Invasion of Privacy is woven with features and Lady Gaga saw immense success from her collaborations with Beyonce. Only time will tell if the two pop into the studio together.

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