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Meek Mill believes he’s been chosen by God to help minorities

Heaven sent, God blessed

Meek Mill reporting for savior duty.

After his song “Dreams & Nightmares” became the anthem of this year’s Super Bowl winning team The Philadelphia Eagles, rapper Meek Mill has his sights set on his next goal.

Sitting down with NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt, the Philadelphia native discussed what was ahead of him after his two-to-four year prison sentence for violating his parole had reached its end. And it seems like divine intervention has found its way into his life.

XXL Mag reports Meek saying,

“I think God delivered me a job to help people, helping minorities that come from these situations like myself. I say don’t show me no pity because this is my life.

This is what I’ve been going through and I think God put me in this position to be able to do a show with Lester Holt and open up eyes for other young Black men.”

The rapper not only discusses his future, but also his past and how it got him into the place he’s at now.

“It was always a thought in the back of my mind that 10 years of probation would bring me back to prison because a technical violation is police contact.

Like, police contact, you don’t have to be charged with a crime. You don’t have to be found guilty of a crime; you can be sentenced to what you were sentenced for like, what I was facing.”

The time spent incarcerated has given Meek a new perspective on what needs to be done, not only for himself as he fights for an appeal, but also for the justice system as a whole for minorities.

He has the support of not only his family, friends and fans, but also of the District Attorney of Pennsylvania Larry Krasner who believes Meek Mill is right in seeking justice.

“Across the board, African-Americans are ending up with worse sentences over and over than white people, even if you control for the type of offense.”

Meek Mill has drummed up support from the Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf, Philly Mayor Jim Kenney, Jay-Z, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin among others for seeing what’s gone wrong righted once again.

Beyond his music career, Meek Mill is seeking to use his experience and platform for reform.

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