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Recap: Lost In Space Episode One – Impact

Netflix’s Lost In Space takes audiences on a fantastic voyage.

Netflix’s reboot of the classic science fiction series from the 60’s, Lost In Space, gets a sleek new reboot. The new series wastes no time throwing the audience into the fray. The Robinsons is introduced playing cards aboard their starship, the Jupiter-2. The family is made up of parents John and Maureen Robinson (played by Toby Stephens and Molly Parker). Their three children are Will (Maxwell Jenkins), Judy (Taylor Russell) and Penny (Mina Sundwall).

The scene is a nice introductory scene setting up the family dynamic before some inevitable space trouble strikes and rogue debris collides with their ship. The Robinsons are revealed to have launched from a much larger space station which contained multiple ships and thousands of other interstellar colonists.

The first episode really relies upon flashbacks to fill in the gaps of The Robinson family story. The show is set in the not too distant future. Earth is shown as a planet that has almost become uninhabitable due to war and pollution. The pollution is so bad in fact that people have to wear gas masks just while walking outside. When a rogue comet is determined to put Earth out of its misery, a group of colonists is called upon to save humanity by searching the stars for a new home.

It’s during these flashbacks we start to see the individual struggles of the Robinson family. John, a soldier, is having marital problems with Maureen. Will can’t seem to pass the space travel tests. Penny and Judy are hesitant to leave Earth behind. Judy is the most memorable character in the first episode. She is the heart and soul of the Robinson family. Will is also another stand out as he helps his father save a member of the family from a precarious situation. Its during this time that Will meets the reimagined version of Robot.

This incarnation of Robot is a more techno-organic alien species, who Will befriends, and helps the Robinson family overcome their first major crisis while stranded on the alien planet. By the end of the episode, no real villain is introduced until we meet the reimagined Dr. Smith. In this version, Dr. Smith is played by the brilliant Parkey Posey, the first female portrayal of the famed Dr. Smith.

In a flashback, before the space station exploded, the station appears to be under attack by the same kind of techno-organic alien that Will met on the planet below. Dr. Smith sneaks her way onto another Jupiter starship piloted by Don West (played by Ignacio Serricchio) however they too are sent plummetting down to the same planet the Robinsons crashed on as the episode ends.

A promising start to a modern take on an old classic. This new Lost In Space has the potential to be one of Netflix’s biggest hits!

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