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WATCH: The Damned demand the truth in ‘Look Left’ video

I’ll wait for you.

 The Damned are waiting for you in the video for their love song to the human race, “Look Left”

Last Friday, goth punk legends The Damned after a decade of waiting finally released their first full length LP Evil Spirits, which has since made its way to the number 10 spot in the UK Top 10. The new video the band has released for the single “Look Left” has certainly helped with that.

The video showcases at the beginning vintage TV with an announcer sounding like they’re from the 40’s talking about news events and economics before it cuts to both a man and a woman in separate rooms being flooded with information of current news as well as erotic holographic dancing women.

Eventually both have enough, leave their rooms, find one another, and start smiling and dancing together, to sort of celebrate living in the moment and looking at what is directly in front of them rather than off in some other direction.

The video for “Look Left” was filmed at the Koko venue in London, which was previously known as The Camden Palace as well as The Music Machine.

Drummer Pinch actually wrote the song as “a love letter to the human race”. He talks about the song in a recent statement, saying:

“While everybody’s looking left, what the hell is happening right? Tough subject matter is easier to digest when coated in honey rather than vinegar and the message in this song is so important, I couldn’t risk it being a throw away aggro punk tune that was immediately overlooked. I see it more as a love song to the human race. The future is here, and until you awaken your mind, I’ll wait for you.”

The Damned have a tour coming up in June, the dates and tickets for which can be found here.

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Watch: The Damned Look Left

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