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WATCH: Cameron Dietz releases video for “Hill Valley”

Potential love

Cameron Dietz is back with a new video.

Singer/songwriter Cameron Dietz has just released a video for his latest track “Hill Valley.”

The up-and-comer brings a song all about the potential that is seen in romance at the beginning. Sometimes a future can be seen, but not quite attained. While you can give your all to someone and they can’t reciprocate that effort, the potential seen at the start propels your forward and keeps one bound to the other.

That was so back in the day
Now we don’t even text hey, nothing to say
I promised that it’d be okay
And then you threw me away, Auf Wiedersehen
Oh that was the middle of May
November you dubbed me OJ, don’t even play
Perfect was your middle name, you couldn’t be more cliche

The video follows Cameron and his “girlfriend” as they go on dates to a carnival or hang out at a house party and watch as their love story begins to unravel. As her hand grazes a tree, he croons that he “looks at old photos and now you just fade.”

Dietz also heavily references Back to the Future not only in the lyrics, but in the video as well as he sits in a DeLorean with the suicide doors up.

If we could travel time when we first began
I’d stay right where I am
Those doors are suicide if I let you in
To my DeLorean
If you were heaven sent
Should I have to sin, just to make amends, oh why
I’ll take this time machine and destroy it then
So that I can’t pretend, that I

The video seems to be gathering steam as actor/comedian Bryan Callen supported the video on his Instagram as well as Community actor Ken Jeong.

The track was released off of his 2017 EP Cam’s 3-Day Weekend which acts as a teaser for his debut LP that is set for a mid 2018 release. There has yet to be a definitive release date announced nor has their been an album title.

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Watch: Cameron Dietz Hill Valley

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