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Meek Mill encourages people from jail to get out and vote

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Meek Mill is continuing his political quest.

Rapper Meek Mill is proving that jail time doesn’t have to be idle time. Just last week, Salute reported that Meek had sat down with Lester Holt for NBC Nightly News to discuss his time spent in prison and what is still in store for him.

He admitted that the time spent incarcerated has given him the time to think about not only what he can do for himself, but what he believes he was meant to do for others with his position. XXL Mag reported Meek saying,

“I think God delivered me a job to help people, helping minorities that come from these situations like myself. I say don’t show me no pity because this is my life.

This is what I’ve been going through and I think God put me in this position to be able to do a show with Lester Holt and open up eyes for other young Black men.”

He is fighting for reform in the justice system and how minorities are treated within it. But he knows that it’s going to take more than having lawmakers on his side.

Meek Mill understands that true change can only be generated when the public votes those in favor of reform are voted into office.

Though being denied release yesterday during an appeal hearing, Mill spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon about the importance of going out and rocking the vote.

“The most important thing I want to say is, vote. When it’s time to vote for governor, when it’s time to vote for judges, D.A.s, vote. Let’s vote for people that’s in to justice reform and helping the urban community. ‘Cause, you know, we’re being affected by it but we’re not voting.”

He’s utilizing his time in jail to focus on the important issues and how he can help society as a whole. First in his native Pennsylvania and then beyond.

It’s that sort of drive and determination that doesn’t keep him down when he’s denied his appeal. XXL Mag reported him saying,

“I don’t really try to get my hopes up from that court room right there. I feel like I will be free one day… I think I’ll be able to get my chance pretty soon. My time coming.”

Meek Mill will have another appearance in court in June.

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