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Zakk Wylde talks playing with Guns N’ Roses briefly

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Back in the 90’s, Guns N’ Wylde was almost a thing for a brief moment

When big name artists collaborate together, it often sets excitement ablaze rather quickly due to the anticipation of the awesomeness that is on the way. This was almost exactly what would have been the case had in the mid-90’s the collab between Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde and Guns N’ Roses gone through.

Wylde recently sat down with Eonmusic about a brief period in 1995 where he and GN’R had started jamming together for the fun of it, saying:

“I just went down to jam with the guys. It’s not even like an audition at that point. Jimmy Page is not going to audition for The Rolling Stones. It’s just, like, ‘Jimmy, do you want to come down and jam with us?’ It’s just, like, ‘Yeah, okay, no problem.’ So, it was more that — just a bunch of clowns getting together and jamming.”

However, soon things elevated beyond the ‘just for fun’ level between the two sets of artists.

It was not long before there were demos of what was being jammed being recorded with Wylde, lead guitarist Slash, vocalist Axl Rose, bassist Duff McKagan, and keyboardist Dizzy Reed. Wylde discusses the experience, saying:

“We jammed a bunch of things. We did demos and stuff over at Duff’s house in the studio. We just had a bunch of riffs and stuff like that, but nothing was going on; it was in limbo.”

At press time, there is no word on whether or not the demos will ever be made available to the public, though for now it seems unlikely due to the band building their own reputation back up with the recent reunion tours.

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