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Reasons why Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina is a classic at every Latin party

Abuela loves it too

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Latino’s are known for being not only the life of the party, but for throwing epic parties that last all night for the simplest reasons. “Jose lost a tooth-it’s time for a party!” “Dominga is having her 7th baby- it’s time for a party!” “Just got a new Honda from 1993- it’s party time!” It’s not only part of the culture its part of being a Latino.

Everything is celebrated and if it doesn’t start like a party it will end as a party because what may begin as a 5 people get-together will end up in a 75 people party with Daddy Yankee’s notorious tune “Gasolina” playing from every speaker while the kids nap in the coat room, moms share funny tale about their kids, abuela plays dominos with the younger teens and dad’s eat the leftovers while discussing baseball.

From the moment the Puerto Rican reggaetón singer Daddy Yankee dropped the banger known as “Gasolina” every Latino knew it would not only be a hit, but it was going to be a staple at every upcoming party. The song has been on the market for over 13 years and it’s still being played at every party , here are some reasons why.

It put reggaetón on the map
Before reggaetón became the worldwide phenomenon it is today it was considered “street music.” Kids weren’t allowed to listen to it and if abuela caught you singing the lyrics the “flying chancla” would make its notorious appearance. This was mainly due to the genre being known for its vulgar and sexually charged words.

Once Gasolina came on the scene and it was being played on radio stations for all to listen, becoming a pivotal Latin music staple. The song itself put reggaetón on the market on a worldwide spectrum for all to enjoy. Even though the lyrics were simple and repetitive everyone drops everything once that motorcycle ramp up is heard.

Even abuela knows the lyrics
Every Latino knows if abuela doesn’t like it, it will NOT be played at any event (ask her about Anuel AA and see her reaction change). Gasolina is not only played at every party, but everyone from the youngest to the oldest knows every single lyric said. It becomes an instant battle of who can rap the lyrics as fast as DY can.  It’s a good song with a great beat and a simple meaning- ‘girls like to go out and have fun.’

Its hype music
There is no such thing as a “boring” Hispanic party, but Latino’s are known for playing classic Bachata that hit all the heartstrings and bring out old unknown feelings- music that makes you want to cry over the ex you dated for 2 days, drive to their house and break their car windows because they didn’t respond to the 30th text.

When that is the case and the party needs a bit of a “pick me up” the answer is always “play Gasolina.” The song is hype music- everyone knows it, sings to it, dances to it, or wakes up from the sad coma Medicina de Amor had put them in.

It fits the Latin criteria
For a song to become a staple in a Latino party it needs to fit the criteria- abuela must approve, it can be sung by most, and it can be danced anywhere. Gasolina fits the criteria perfectly, mainly due to the lyrics not causing anyone to blush.

It’s tradition
Whether it’s a celebration or a get-together, at some point the song will be played. If there is something quirky about Latino’s is their ability to share and follow traditions. Every Latina will tell you 101 traditions that have been passed along for generations, yet they continue to evolve and become even more unpredictable.

Not only does Gasolina continue to be a classic, but Daddy Yankee continues to put reggaetón bangers on the market, and abuela will remain analyzing every song to make sure it can be played at the next family barbeque.

Watch the official Gasolina music video:

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