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Ariana Grande releases teaser for “No Tears Left to Cry”

See the rainbow

Ariana Grande is past the storm and into the rainbow.

Just yesterday, we reported that Ariana Grande had returned from her social media hiatus to give fans the news that she would be returning with new music this Friday.

The song “No Tears Left to Cry” will act as an introduction to her as of yet unannounced, but heavily implied, unnamed follow up to her 2016 album Dangerous Woman.

Today, in a continuation of her social media promotion trail, the “Side to Side” singer shared both the single’s artwork as well as a smaller teaser for it.

In the photo, Grande is seen in profile with her signature dark hair and high pony traded for a low pony and platinum locks. A rainbow shines bright on her face against the otherwise shaded image.

A second tweet immediately following had another photo of the singer in a simple top and denim jacket, upside down like other photos and all text pertaining to the release, with a link to her website.

When the link is clicked, the site is a simple gray backdrop with an upside countdown just along the top counting down until the single is released.

And while the artwork and the countdown has excited many fans, what has really tipped the excitement scale is the 35 second teaser the singer uploaded to her YouTube page.

The teaser has what sounds like a breathy choir over a more futuristic sound than Ariana has given before. Her voice sounds far away towards the end.

It leaves little to the imagination, but already it’s different from what she’s done previously and evolution, getting through the storm and letting the rainbow shine, seems to be what Ariana Grande is hoping to convey with her new work.

“No Tears Left to Cry” will drop tomorrow, Friday, April 20th.

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Listen: Ariana Grande No Tears Left to Cry (Official Snippet)


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